4 Must-Try Activities in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Area

If you’re thinking about visiting the Twin Cities at some point in the near future, you might be wondering what kind of notable attractions you should add to your itinerary. While this humble but bustling metropolitan area isn’t as high-profile as other major cities like NYC and LA, it does have some very unique places and activities that every tourist should see and try at least one time. More specifically, here are the top 4 must-try things to do in the Twin Cities area:

1. Stop by an Escape Room

If you’ve never been to an escape room before, you’re in for a thrilling and memorable experience that is the perfect activity for groups and families. If you’re already familiar with this form of interactive entertainment, you’ll find that the Twin Cities has some of the best escape rooms in the country thanks to the presence of industry leading escape room providers like Puzzleworks. You can check out the home page of Puzzleworks MN to learn more about the kinds of escape room packages they have available.

2. Shop at the Mall of America

Did you know that the Minneapolis area is home to the largest shopping mall in the United States? Found in Bloomington – on the south side of the city – this massive building is home to more than 500 stores and contains more than 90 acres of shopping area. Impressively, even at such a large scale the mall maintains symmetrical dimensions and is incredibly well-organized and navigable. Many people have referred to the mall as an indoor city, and it certainly does feel like you’re entering into an entirely different environment, with many multi-level sections. There are 5 rollercoasters in the mall, and there are even plans to build a $250 million water park next year, so this will be an even more exciting destination to visit in the near future.

3. Go Restaurant Hopping

It doesn’t make sense to visit the Twin Cities without experiencing all of the culinary goodness that the region has to offer. There are hundreds of amazing restaurants to dine at within a 50-square mile radius, with local favorites including the Hi-Lo Diner, Martina, Animales, and Esker Grove. This is one tourism destination where you’ll want to ensure access to a generous food budget.

4. Take an Art Tour

The Twin Cities are also home to a bustling art scene, with numerous art studios and galleries to see. The best way to see the most notable ones without having to sift through the selection is to schedule a guided tour. This will give you an overall walk-through of famous studios and plazas like Northrup King and Solar Arts.

Pick the Right Time of Year

In closing, it’s important to note that summer and spring are the best times of year when it comes to having travel-friendly weather. However, you may find cheaper accommodations and tickets during the offseason when the weather is less pleasant. Thus, the time of year you visit is an extra consideration to keep in mind before planning a trip to the Twin Cities.