4 Reasons for a Rise in Desk Booking Software


Over the last few years, technology has been on the rise. Last year, the adoption sped by three or four years. Studies show that in large organizations, the share of digital-enabled products has accelerated by seven years.

Technology streamlines the process of managing new models like that of hybrid work. One of the latest technologies to make headlines is desk booking software. Though not a new concept, the last few months have seen significant development in implementing a desk booking solution.

Desk booking software allows employees to find and book their preferred spaces when in the office. It is the key to flexible working. It includes features like advance desk booking, adhoc desk booking, and an interactive floor plan.

Employees can book amenities. Managers can track desk occupancy with real-time analytics.

Experts say that a desk booking system can be instrumental for proper space utilization, which can help avoid workplace conflicts.

But why is there this sudden rise in the use of desk booking software? Keep reading to learn more.

Easy management of a hybrid workplace

A year back, a 9 to 5 for five days was the norm. Then March 2020 hit us. Fast forward to the second half of 2021; there is a paradigm shift in our workplaces.

Teams are scattered across different locations owing to the hybrid work model. The flexible workplace has become the new normal.

While a flexible workplace is excellent for safety purposes, ensuring employee productivity is crucial. A desk hoteling solution does just that. However, organizations must assure employees that implementing desk booking software is not micromanaging. It smoothens the overall managing process.

For instance, John decides to come to the office on Monday for collaboration purposes with Peter. They need desks close enough for easy collaboration but with a safe distance to maintain. A desk booking software will allow them to do both.

For managers, it is a great way to know who is coming to the office when. The desk utilization data will allow them to prevent overcrowding on the floors.

Flexible and agile workplaces are on the rise

Flexibility is the buzzword at the moment. A hybrid workplace puts flexibility at its core. This means that employees can choose whether they want to work sitting from a desk or meeting rooms.

An agile workplace aims to be as productive as possible, all the while promoting collaboration. This is where a desk booking solution comes into play.

Concepts like hot desking go hand-in-hand with agile workplaces. And implementing a hot desking policy becomes easier with desk booking software. Employees can decide whether they want to book a desk for an entire day or a few hours. It is the choice that makes a desk booking system a must.

Implementing social distancing becomes easier

Social distancing is what is keeping us safe. It is a concept that is here to stay. For most organizations, the return to office strategy is dependent on the adoption of social distancing protocols. They are opening at a reduced capacity as a result of this.

Desk booking software allows managers to manage capacity with real-time desk utilization data. They can mark specific desks as unavailable to maintain a safe distance within the workplace.

Co-working spaces have become common

Our current circumstances have allowed organizations to use their office spaces smartly. Many companies have realized that they no longer need a large office, primarily due to hybrid working.

This has paved the way for co-working spaces to become common. Some companies are getting rid of offices altogether, encouraging employees to work remotely or from co-working spaces.

These co-working spaces can be used for collaboration purposes as well.

A desk booking solution is a perfect fit in this scenario. Employees can book their desks for a preferred day and time with such a solution. So even if they share spaces with other companies, advance bookings can be made, reducing conflicts.

A desk booking software is essential in today’s landscape. Yes, it manages desks, but at its heart, a desk booking solution can adhere to social distancing protocols and optimize office space—all of this without losing productivity or collaboration opportunities.



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