4 Reasons it’s Time to Embrace E-Signatures at Your Business


It’s always been necessary for businesses to embrace various technological innovations in order to stay competitive. Some of these innovations, like cloud computing, may be fairly major, impacting nearly all areas of a business’ operations.

However, it’s also sometimes necessary to take advantage of innovative tech that applies only to one seemingly small but nevertheless critical aspect of a business. For example, if your business isn’t using e-signatures to promote faster process of documents, it should be. This general overview will explain why.

What Are E-Signatures?

Before learning about the benefits of e-signatures, you need to know how they function.

Gone are the days when a signature needed to be written in pen on a physical document. Now, sharing documents in the form of computer files is routine among businesses across virtually all industries. Being able to send a PDF contract to a new client is simply more convenient than mailing it.

E-signatures are merely signatures made on PDFs and similar types of documents. The following are key benefits of using them at your business:


Sometimes, people may be skeptical about new technology simply because they’re unfamiliar with it. For example, some impulsively assume that e-signatures are less secure than traditional signatures.

This isn’t the case. The evidence we have indicates e-signatures are substantially more secure than others.

It’s easy to understand why when you consider the essential differences between the two. Forging an e-signature requires access to your computer and your signing certificate password. Forging a traditional signature simply requires finding someone with the skill to do so. That’s not particularly hard. Additionally, various technologies have made forging a traditional signature easier than ever.


Any business owner or manager who’s been in their role for several years knows that seemingly “minor” expenses can add up. For example, the money you spend on paper, ink, and other such supplies may not seem like much when you consider the daily cost, but after a year, it can be quite significant.

This is another reason to use e-signatures. Doing so minimizes the need for such supplies, saving your business a lot of money in the long run.

It’s also worth noting that research indicates today’s consumers want to patronize businesses that strive for sustainability. Thus, by using e-signatures and reducing the amount of resources your business consumes, you’ll improve your brand.

Changing With the Times

Although the Covid-19 pandemic hastened this trend at some businesses, even before the pandemic, many organizations were adopting remote work policies. If your business doesn’t currently have such policies in place, there’s good reason to believe it will in the near future.

E-signatures are helpful for obvious reasons when a workforce is dispersed. Any contract an employee needs to sign can be sent via email instead of traditional mail, allowing your business to operate at peak efficiency.

With a signature creator, you can generate an electronic signature and sign documents online.

Pleasing Clients and Customers

Don’t underestimate the importance of operating efficiently. In the digital age, clients and customers have learned to expect that a business will be able to serve their needs fast. You may not expect this upgrade to make a significant difference, but by using e-signatures to process documents quickly, you’ll be more equipped to satisfy customer expectations.

For example, with email signature generator, crafting a professional and personalized email signature is a breeze. You can effortlessly include the following elements: images and company details, meeting calendar link sales promotions, confidentiality clause or Inspiring quote.

Designing an eye-catching and informative email signature has never been this simple. Try our Email Signature Generator today and leave a lasting impression with every email you send.

Just be aware that there are a range of e-signature tools available to businesses. Not all are equally useful. You need to thoroughly evaluate your options to find one that’s right for your needs.

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