4 Reasons to Buy Royalty-Free Beats

Musicians have the best careers in the world. For example, they travel the globe entertaining thousands of fans while earning millions of dollars. They also get free stuff as they endorse various products and services. Moreover, a music career gives you an opportunity to express your thoughts, intentions, and experiences. More specifically, you can sing about your sorrows, joys, doubts, and mistakes. No one will judge you for doing so. Unfortunately, producing beats is a complex process. It is an expensive endeavor as well. Consequently, many people sing or rap over beats that someone else owns. Doing so lands them in trouble. Here are 4 reasons to buy royalty-free beats.

1. Protect Online Accounts

Music producers sacrifice their time and money because they know that they will receive royalties on their beats. Denying them these payments would lead to serious consequences especially on online platforms dedicated to music. For example, music-streaming sites such as YouTube, Spotify, and Apple have strict policies protecting copyrighted materials. They will close your account, delete your content, or impose penalties if you violate these policies. In this case, violation means using copyrighted beats without the producer’s permission. Buying royalty-free beats would protect your online music accounts because the producer consents to their use. More importantly, you receive this permission without paying royalties for it.

2.  Avoid Court Cases

Did you know that an Egyptian sued Jay Z and Timbaland for using flute note in the 1999 hit single known as ‘Big Pimpin?’ The Egyptians uncle had produced these tunes in 1957. Timbaland paid EMI Music Arabia $100,000 for these beats, but he did not seek the family’s permission to use them. Similar court cases exist today. Avoiding them is possible if you go for royalty-free music. Remember, everyone wants a piece of this money. For example, producers might sue you after you pay the recording company for royalties or vice versa. In contrast, buying royalty-free beats means no one will sue you for royalties because there are no royalties attached to the beats.

3. Seeking Permission is taxing

Whom do you seek permission from when it comes to purchasing beats that have royalties attached to them? How do you know that the person who claims to own the beats is the one who deserves the royalties from their use? How can you determine the rights of the co-producer, the recording company, and family members to these royalties? The truth is that you cannot do so conclusively. That is especially true when some people with a weak claim to these royalties fight for them because they want money. In contrast, royalty-free beats are free of these shenanigans. In other words, you do not have to research people’s claims to royalties because they are no royalties to claim.

4. Spend Your Time Wisely

Music is a fulfilling career because it helps you live your dreams to the fullest extent possible. You need to spend as much time as possible having fun and making beautiful music. Unfortunately, using beats with royalties attached to them impedes your progress. More specifically, you would spend your time looking for people who own the rights to the beats. Then you have to negotiate mutually beneficial contracts with the person you identified as the copyright owner. Court cases may ensue if you are wrong. These cases may cost you your time and loads of money. Remember, these court cases are expensive because the monetary stakes are high. Eventually, you end up wasting your time, money, and effort. Buy beats that are royalty-free to avoid these inconveniences.