4 Reasons To Upgrade Your Cars Speakers


Your car speakers are the centerpiece of your cars audio system. For car audio enthusiasts having the ultimate sound quality is the key to more enjoyable drives. However, with time your speakers can get old and rusty and a replacement is inevitable. Why should you upgrade your car speakers?

Here are 4 Reasons Why

1. To Leverage New Technology

car speakers

Technology is evolving at a high rate. If you are riding around with your old radio chances are you are missing out on new technology advancements. It’s time to upgrade your car speakers to the current standards. Replace your standard speakers with coaxial speakers and experience a wide range of audio frequencies that are designed to satisfy diverse preferences.

Upgraded aftermarket speakers will also last longer and give you value for money. If you upgrade to a rubber surround, you will not only benefit from the durability but from the great sound quality as well. True 4-ohm technology will allow you to make use of every watt your head unit can possibly deliver.

2. More Clarity

Probably the biggest reason why you should upgrade your car speakers is to get more clarity. Nothing feels better than cruising on the highway while listening to clean vocals and sharp highs. Upgraded car speakers have more control for fine-tuning. Most factory speakers experience treble balance problems and these results to inferior sounds. With an upgraded speaker, you will enjoy a clearly defined soundstage even when you crank up the volume.

3. Your Car Will Appreciate A Well Defined Bass

When your speakers get old, the sound quality can get hollow and weak. When the sound quality drops significantly, then it’s time to upgrade your car speakers. High-quality aftermarket speakers will give you a better bass and a surround sound style.
Upgrading to a high fiber woofer will give you that concert feel, better response, and longevity. Compared to factory speakers which are made from foam and paper, aftermarket speakers are designed from high quality and denser material which enables them to deliver great sound and an even better punch.

4. It Will Make Traffic Fun

It Will Make Traffic Fun

We all hate traffic. Spending long hours every day sitting in traffic is tough for everyone. However, with upgraded car speakers, traffic can be so much fun. Ditch those factory installed speakers and replace them with modern high-quality speakers. Listening to clean and rich sound from your stereo will help beat the traffic blues.
Going on a road trip? Why not upgrade your speakers before then. Great speakers are also hands-free devices and this means that you do not need to take your eyes off the road giving you better safety. So crank up the volume and have fun with your friends’ distortion free.

Types of Car Speakers

These various types of car speakers cater to different audio preferences and vehicle configurations, allowing for a customized listening experience.

Coaxial Speakers

  1. Coaxial (Full-Range) Speakers
    • Description: These are the most common type of car speakers, typically found in factory-installed systems. They consist of multiple speaker components, such as a woofer and a tweeter, combined into a single unit.
    • Pros: Easy to install and provide a balanced sound across various frequencies.
  2. Component Speakers
    • Description: These speakers have separate components, including woofers, tweeters, and crossovers. Each component is installed in a different location to optimize sound quality.
    • Pros: Superior sound quality and customization options.
  3. Subwoofers
    • Description: Designed specifically for low-frequency sounds (bass), subwoofers add depth and power to the audio system.
    • Pros: Excellent bass response and enhanced overall sound experience.
  4. Midrange Speakers
    • Description: These speakers handle the midrange frequencies, filling the gap between woofers and tweeters. They produce sounds such as vocals and instruments.
    • Pros: Improved clarity and detail in the mid-frequency range.
  5. Tweeters
    • Description: Tweeters are small speakers that reproduce high-frequency sounds, such as cymbals and high-pitched vocals.
    • Pros: Enhance the clarity and detail of high-frequency audio.
  6. Super Tweeters
    • Description: Even smaller than regular tweeters, super tweeters handle ultra-high frequencies beyond the capability of standard tweeters.
    • Pros: Provide an extra layer of detail for audiophiles seeking the best possible sound quality.
  7. Woofers
    • Description: Woofers are dedicated to low and mid-low frequencies, providing robust and rich bass.
    • Pros: Strong bass response and improved overall audio balance.
  8. Full-Range Speakers
    • Description: Similar to coaxial speakers, full-range speakers attempt to cover the entire audio spectrum with a single speaker unit.
    • Pros: Simple installation and decent sound quality across all frequencies.
  9. Triaxial Speakers
    • Description: These are an advanced version of coaxial speakers, including three drivers (woofer, midrange, and tweeter) in one unit.
    • Pros: Better sound separation and quality compared to standard coaxial speakers.
  10. Bass Blockers
    • Description: Not actual speakers, but accessories used to filter out low frequencies sent to small speakers that can’t handle bass well.
    • Pros: Prevents distortion and damage to smaller speakers, improving overall sound quality.


There you have it; 4 reasons to upgrade your car speakers. Are you looking for the best 6X8 speakers? You will find the best 6X8 car speakers reviews on crystalstereo.com. Visit their website to learn more and also to ask all the questions you might have regarding car speakers.

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