4 Reasons Why Investing In An Inverter Generator Is Worth It

If you’re thinking about buying an inverter generator, you’ve probably noticed that it’s a relatively expensive investment. Nevertheless, they are an extremely valuable purchase for many users due to their unique advantages over traditional generators. An inverter generator offers several benefits, and this post discusses four of the most compelling ones.

Inverter Generators: What Are They?

An inverter generator is one of the newest types of portable generators. Instead of running at a constant speed regardless of load size, an inverter generator adjusts its engine speed based on current electrical demand. This results in significantly decreased emissions (both noise and exhaust) as well as fuel consumption. In fact, according to the generator pros Generator Sage, these devices are frugal with fuel and can be cost-effective if you get suitable models. While they have several uses, the most common one tends to be backup power for residential homes. As energy use increases and natural disasters more common, this particular generator type could prove a valuable investment. But what are their main advantages over conventional generators?

1. High Fuel Efficiency

A conventional fuel-powered generator consumes much more fuel than a generator powered by an inverter. Contrary to traditional generators that operate at a constant speed, inverter generators adjust their speed automatically to match the load. When the generator is run efficiently, it consumes less fuel, which means less energy. A low-energy consumption machine is essential in an economic climate where energy prices are rising, and wages are not keeping pace.

2. Lower Noise Levels

These generators are far quieter than other types since they adjust their speed according to the need. Moreover, the average inverter generator produces a noise level of 60 decibels, about the same as a moderate conversation, making them beneficial for home and business use. While the noise will increase as you add loads, it is generally quieter when operating normally. People are increasingly seeing the benefits of low-volume generators, as they were reluctant to use generators previously because of the noise.

3. A High Level Of Portability 

Fuel tanks on inverter generators are smaller than those on conventional generators, so they’re lighter. Carrying handles and wheels are also a standard feature of most inverter generator models which further increases mobility. This enhanced portability benefits users who need to move the machine around to different worksites or power equipment far from their homes. This advantage is one that most people never realize until they have moved a regular generator around. Lightweight machines are more likely to be used when they are needed because they are more convenient.

4. Easy To Maintain 

Arguably the most significant advantage inverters have over traditional models is that they require far less maintenance. It is mainly limited to the battery, which you should inspect each month for smooth operation. Moreover, they are more reliable since they can deliver power only when it is needed rather than relying on all of their power all the time.

Easy To Maintain

An inverter generator is a functional machine that can power your home, workplace, or business. They have numerous advantages over standard models and, as a result, are becoming more and more popular.