4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Company for Kitchen Cabinets


The kitchen is known as the focal, central point in every home. And you should make it a nice place to enjoy your cooking daily meals and entertaining guests. Memories are made in the kitchen, and you fuel your day with the food you prepare in the kitchen. But over some time, the kitchen appliances, and cabinets can look outdated, giving you the opposite feelings and enjoyment we just mentioned.

Maybe it’s time to update your kitchen and do a remodel or makeover. You are probably wondering where to start and what will be the best decision on material, style, or who will implement the whole reno process for you. Would that be you and your family members with a DIY endeavor? Or are you going to hire a team of professionals to do it for you?

If your decision falls on the second option, then you are on the right page to find out the reasons why hiring a company for your kitchen cabinets is better than doing it by yourself:

  • It is not a weekend job

It might feel like you will need to splash some paint on the cabinets and you are done, but that’s just the beginning. Before your jump into this kitchen remodeling process, you will need to make a plan and prep with all the pieces, including removing all of the hardware, doors, and drawers. Four to seven days is a minimum you will need for thorough prep and cleaning the whole cabinet space and extra time for the coat to dry if you’re doing it yourself.
If you’re looking to paint cabinets, keep in mind they’ll have to be thoroughly scrubbed and sanded as overtime a fine film of cooking grease can build up on them. And even if you do not see or feel the layer of grease, it can cause any paint you try and apply to easily scrape right of will the most insignificant bumps and scratches.

  • Detailed preparation

You will not only need to remove all the storing pieces in the cabinets from the base but scrub and prime them as well. Detailed preparation is a really important step as it leads to the best possible results when it comes to a better process of refacing the cabinets and painting them.

  • Spray painting is rarely an option

If you thought that spraying your cabinets with paint is an easy solution when doing it on your own, you’ll find this has more bad than good sides. Spraying is not easy if you don’t know how to handle it and potential runs and thin layers can make the old surface still visible. Finding a well ventilated area to spray them can be difficult, and spraying outside can lead to specs of dust and dirt to land on your newly painted cabinets. Spraying is best left to a professional who has a spray booth to complete the work in.

  • You need to organize the whole process

As you start removing the cabinet doors and drawers, there is a lot of hardware you need to remember where they were at the beginning and return them to their place. It is hard to remember all those tiny critical screws, and a very smart step you can take is to organize it well.

You don’t want a bigger mess out of your DIY project leaving you with cabinets that don’t fit right. Label your cabinets with tape and a marker and keep the hardware in bags specifica to that cabinet door.

 These reasons might have opened your eyes to bring the right decision to know if refacing cabinets in your kitchen by yourself is the right thing to do. And if you think that the smartest choice is to hire a professional then you definitely need to check this company that does Cabinet Refacing in Calgary.

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