4 Reasons Why Your Day Should End With a Book

Most people spend their evenings stressing about the day’s events and things they think they’d have done better. It’s no wonder why many wake up with bloodshot eyes. It’s rarely from booze, so don’t be all judgy the next time you see one. It’s for lack of enough sleep at night! Your typical bedtime routine speaks volumes about how you handle your stress issues. People who take their work home in thoughts and in deeds have difficulties sleeping at night and are at great risk of insomnia.

While there exist healthy bedtime routines that, well, only work for some, there are various ways to ensure that you get your fair share of a good night’s sleep. Yes, they may not be for everyone, but everyone can benefit from what’s in a book. So before you turn those lights off, below are four reasons why your day should end with a book.

1. It’s A Calming Ritual To Improve Your Sleep Pattern

There’s a good reason kids love bedtime storybooks. Before getting into that, people read for various reasons. Some will read to boost their literacy levels, others will read to get entertained, while others will read themselves to sleep! We are naturally wired to switch off any distractions before reading. At least that’s what is taught to first graders, or not.

Either way, you’ll naturally want to keep things quiet, especially if it’s an interesting book you like. This brings us to the point of choosing your books wisely. There are so many book, genres you can invest in. If you look at this collection of books from Stephen King recommended by the folks at CEO Library, you’ll be spoilt of options of books you can lull yourself to sleep with. Apart from this, the collection will also shed some light on books you can read about the same themes written by other authors. Spending the last hour of your day going through a book series is the best way you can truly wind down. It’s a natural calming activity that will cause your eyelids to shut.

2. It Nourishes Your Brain and Feeds Your Dreams

Dreams are a reflection of what happened throughout the day or the days before. If you’re therefore tired of having bad dreams about your boss, or that guy who’s so irritating at your workplace, it’s time to change your bedtime routine. Ending your day with a book will help to nourish your brain with better thoughts and in building your idea factory. It can also help in improving your emotional intelligence. This is an important aspect when it comes to forming and maintaining healthy relationships. Most readers have recounted times they’ve dreamt with the characters or places they read about in books. If you’re looking for ways to avoid nightmares, it’s time you invested in a good book to wind down your day with.

3. It’s A Great Way To Mitigate On Your Mental Health

Stress is a major concern that can cause negative effects on your life. There are various known ways of dealing with anxiety and stress. But most of such strategies may not be recommended on this avenue, especially considering that piece is all about ending your day with a book. While it’s ok to see a shrink for your stress and anxiety, reading a book is one of the cheapest and the most effective ways you can do when dealing with stress. It’s been found that reading will not only provide you with knowledge, but will also help to improve your mental health. It’s a great way to escape the stresses of everyday life.

Nothing beats the feeling of reading about the Three Musketeers, or how Robinhood helped to save villages from tyrant leaders and goons. Various books will interest you, ranging from romantic themes, conquest, fiction, drama, to self-help books. The books you read to end your day do not necessarily have to be in the best-seller category. You’ll only need to pick something that interests you and a book that will not upset you more.

4. It Will Enhance Your Concentration

You’ve seen people fixated on books, right? That’s called concentration! Unless they wanted to be seen reading, they were so deep into the book that it’s only a “boom” that could trigger their motor responses. It’s unlikely for people to stop and ask you what you’re reading. You’ll not have to go through a cycle of battling distractions. But it’s of utmost importance that you prepare yourself before you open a book. This means dealing with distracting forces such as television, bright light, and hunger. Yes, you heard that right! There’s no way you’ll concentrate on an empty stomach. It’s a proven theory that not so many people would want it tested on them!

Finally, it’s always good to note somewhere how you feel after reading a book. This way, you’ll have a better understanding of your state of mind, your sleep patterns, and your concentration levels before and after reading a book. In other words, a self-assessment! Happy reading people!