4 Short Hairstyles For Women To Try In 2021

From 2020’s no-fuss wash-and-wear hairstyle, 2021 is taking hairstyles up a notch. Say aloha to shaggy layers, straight fringe and silhouettes that scream grand entrance. Get ready to step out of your (hair) comfort zone and welcome 2021 with a warm smile and gorgeous locks. There have many popular hairstyles through out the decades.  This year, it’s not just skin that equates to glass (check out the newest obsession about glass skin), “glass hair” is also ready to take the hair world by storm. Get ready for ultra-shiny, smooth and silky pin straight cuts and straight cut bangs as well.

If you haven’t decided on what hairstyle to get yet, then may I suggest that you start asking your professional hairstylist checking out the gorgeous celebrities who are sporting their trendy tresses. They will give you ideas about whether you prefer long or short hair. But always make sure to look extra fab, choose a haircut that will complement your face shape, and hair color actually helps to give you that extra oomph.   

1. The Short Bob

You might think the short bob will make you look masculine but lo and behold, the short bob actually adds “sexy” to your hairstyle. Show off those long necks, broad shoulders and collarbone with this cut. Choose between to trendy short bobs- the A-line bob and the side-swept bob.

This year, the A-line bob is making a comeback, and it screams, confident woman. Shorter at the back and a little longer in front, this cut sure is stylish and suits every sophisticated woman. So go ahead, let go of those long locks and open your arms to trendy short bobs.  

Another style, the side-swept crop is shorter than the A-line bob and comes with side-swept bangs. It’s sassy and makes you look fresh and young. Perfect for ladies on the go as styling this cut is a breeze.

2. The Glass Bob

Cuts that perfectly graze the shoulders are mega-flattering because they accentuate the shoulders. Jenna Dewan recently sported this smooth, straight and oh-so-silky hair and we cannot stop gushing over it. Even Boca Raton’s best hair stylists receive more than a few requests for this kind of hairstyle.  The lob-length cut is also similar to the glass bob; however, this is usually a little longer than the latter. Let’s face it, a classic cut like this will never go out of style. We just usually “revamp” it to make it trendier than the previous years.

3. The Fringed Layered Cut

Fringes frame the face especially those that fall softly on your cheeks highlighting your modelesque cheekbones. Go for the fringed layered cut barely reaching your shoulders and fringes delicately resting on your cheeks and exude that mild yet tantalizing woman in you.

4. The Angled Lob

The angled lob is for the bold woman of 2021. With its uneven styled cut, yes dear the hair at the back near your nape is shorter than the hair that frames your face; this definitely adds the bang to your 2021. Pair it with hair color that is copperish in hue, and you will be the center of attention, party or not.