4 Sparkling Engagement Ring Designs for Women


Engagement is one of the most memorable occasions in life. What could be a better way to make it more special than by buying your girl a perfect diamond ring? Nothing can be compared to the feeling of going down on knees and proposing the love of your life with a cute and lovely ring. So, don’t you think it’s important to propose your girl with a ring that reminds her of your love and loyalty?

It doesn’t matter how expensive or affordable the jewelry is. What matters is how much effort you put in selecting the ring for your love – be it the 2–gram gold rings for women or expensive diamond ring embellished with a precious gemstone.

With so many trending rings out on the market, it gets pretty challenging to pick the one that fits your budget and style. If you are searching for a precious ring, have a look at the below-mentioned engagement ring designs and choose the most suitable one.

1. Solitaire

Solitaire is the most traditional and classy engagement ring, featuring only one stone. The diamond stone engraved in the center looks extremely sparkling. A solitaire is a perfect option for men who want a ring that never goes out of trend. The ring boasts a simple design with a shiny and beautiful diamond stone design.

2. Cluster

As the name suggests, the cluster features a group of several tiny diamond stones that give the same effect as a large diamond. That is the reason why clusters are commonly referred to as illusion rings. Cluster makes a perfect engagement ring design. So, make your grand proposal even more fascinating with a cluster ring. Opt for either a classical circle cluster or a modern asymmetrical design and surprise the love of your life.

3. Halo

If you want a dazzling ring that sparkles in the light, then Halo is your pick. The center stone glows beautifully. Around the big diamond stone engraved in the middle, there are a couple of small diamonds covering the main stone’s border. These surrounding stones add more sparkle to the central diamond and make it even better. To maximize the size of the central stone, try an oval halo ring. In such designs, the small diamond stones are engraved in an oval shape surrounding the central stone.

A halo setting is a perfect way to turn a medium-size stone into a bigger diamond stone and make it super dazzling. Alternatively, you could buy an engagement ring featuring a colored gemstone in the center with the tiny diamond stones encircling the main stone. The colorful stone will give a perfect contrast to diamond. You can opt for ruby, pink diamond, sapphire, and morganite.

4. Three-stone or Trilogy Style Ring

Trilogy Setting ring is a perfect option for men who want to make their grand proposal super romantic and exciting. The three stones embellished in the ring are a symbol of the past, present, and future. Some people believe that these three stones represent You, Me, and Us. These rings come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and types. The most common one is the ring featuring a big diamond stone in the center and two mid-sized stones surrounding the centre stone.

You could also order a three-stone ring with the central stone being a precious gemstone and the other two stones being diamonds. Either way, the trilogy design looks incredibly wonderful.

So, these were the 4 exclusive designs of diamond rings that you could gift to your better half on your engagement. Let her have the best surprise of her life with a grand wedding proposal accompanied by a beautiful ring.

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