4 Special Stones That Have the Power to Change Your Mood

Some stones, gemstones, in particular, have long been associated with mysticism and esoteric religions. There are some stones that are said to possess magical qualities and have the ability to influence your mood and your destiny. Whether there is any truth to this or not, or rather, whether one sees a change in their life as a consequence of their using the stones is entirely subjective. This page will offer you four special, some would say magical stones, that are associated with the occult, esoteric religion, and spiritual practices across the world, and are said to have the power to change your mood. Check out this best crystal for manifestation.


Moldivite is a stone that was formed by a meteorite hitting Earth in southern Germany some fifteen million years ago. Moldivite or moldavite as it is more commonly spelled has long been associated with magic. It is said that the Holy Grail had moldivite stones decorating it. The stone is used by mystics as it is said to stimulate all of the chakras and provoke a deeply profound sensation in those that hold it, this sensation has been termed, ‘Moldivite flush’. It is a stone used by many witches and warlocks to this very day, and one that is said to give you a new perspective on life. It is also a healing stone.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz has been dubbed the master healer as it is said to be able to be used on virtually anything, from physical, mental, to spiritual afflictions. It can be very powerful in fighting depression and anxiety (or so is said). They say that quartz reacts with your higher chakras and can bring divine light into your higher consciousness and stimulate a profound sensation of love and passion. Clear quartz, all things considered, definitely has its benefits.

Clear Quartz


Amethyst is an all-purpose and a beautiful purple gemstone that can stimulate mood, health, and spirituality. It is a stone that comes in many shades of violet and purple. The stone is said to connect with your ‘third-eye’ (a concept recognized by most esoteric religions as your gateway into spirituality) and open a gateway to the divine, Godlike consciousness. Amethyst is said to provide clarity in times of hardship and can help you to make a decision that may otherwise appear difficult. Amethyst is a stone that is widely adored by those who subscribe to that system of belief, and one that is treasured amongst esoteric sects. It also makes very beautiful jewellery. It is instantly recognizable. 


Tourmaline is a mystical protective stone that can absorb the ‘evil-eye’ and repel it back at those who send it. Some use it as a magical charge stone – this is said to work by writing your wishes on a piece of paper and putting the paper underneath the stone. It is also said to remove any psychic congestion and blockages and give you a clarity of mind when engaging in spiritual rituals or practices.

Now you know four powerful, mystical, and magical stones that can make your mood more positive and help you focus on your spirituality. Good luck, witches and wizards!