4 Thanksgiving Entertainment Ideas for the Whole Family


Thanksgiving is almost here, the best time to get closer to family by spending some quality time together. However, while planning for dinner can be straightforward, from decorations to coming up with entertainment for the entire family can be difficult. Make sure to decorate beforehand, paint the walls, check thanksgiving stencils from A Maker’s Studio and make you family feel the celebration. It can be hard to think of activities that engage both adults and children alike. However, there are certain games and activities that can appeal to everyone as you all wait for dinner. As you make plans for the upcoming gathering, consider some of these fun family entertainment ideas.

Thankfulness Rocks

Arts and crafts are an effective way to keep children and adults captivated. One of the most cost-efficient and creative activities involves this holiday twist on Kindness Rocks, which only requires smooth rocks and paint. Rather than drawing inspirational phrases, the family members can paint things they are grateful for. Thankfulness Rocks encourage both the creativity and pleasant, positive feelings of gratitude that are true to the spirit of the holiday.

Scavenger Hunts

If you want to keep your family members active and don’t mind people running around the house, then consider putting together a scavenger hunt. This activity can keep guests of all ages occupied, depending on how well you hide each artifact. To fit the Thanksgiving spirit, use trinkets with the shape of turkeys, fall leaves or pumpkins, or if you want to be more authentic, you can use actual mini pumpkins. If you want something less expensive, printed images are just as effective. If the weather permits, you can even hide them in the yard. Don’t forget to hide them and establish rules and rewards before the guests arrive.

Board Games

If you are looking for a more organized entertainment option, then board games are the ideal choice. Whether you are buying new games or dusting off old ones, they guarantee to keep the guests fascinated for hours. They can vary in tasks and complexity, from some as simple as Chutes and Ladders to more strategic ones like the Rise of Tribes game. If you happen to use an older board game you own, ensure that all the pieces are there, as sometimes even a single missing part can ruin the entire game.

Shared Movies and Shows

Sometimes you simply want to have a quiet, calm time with family, even if you don’t interact with each other that much. There is nothing wrong with more passive activities such as watching movies or television shows together. Plan a movie marathon, watch Thanksgiving specials or simply tune in on whatever comes across. You have plenty of options, from renting DVDs to a variety of streaming services. If you want to make this activity more engaging, you can even start post-movie or show discussion and ask people what their opinions are, their favorite parts and other topics.

The wait for that precious Thanksgiving dinner can sometimes feel longer than it is. Speed up the waiting process and spend time with your family by practicing these family entertainment ideas. They will help you keep the mood light and fun while being inclusive to everyone in the house.

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