4 Things That Can Improve Your Dog’s Quality Of Life


Your dog could be the best companion you have in your compound. It welcomes and snuggles you when you come home. That is why it is necessary that you find a way of making it happy all the times. The best way to do this is by trying to improve the quality of its life. But the trouble is that it may not be easy for you to know the right thing to do to make its life better. In this article, we look at things that you need to do to help improve the quality of the dog’s life.

1. Engage the dog in things it loves

All dogs like belly scratching and treats. Such small things make the dog happy and help to improve the quality of its life. Think out of the box and discover some of the things the dog loves. Play games with it and communicate with it regularly. Use both verbal and body language to talk to the dog. Also, come up with an alternative method or way of talking to the dog. Ensure that you work hard to understand when it is passing a message to you. Remember communication is two-way traffic. So, being attentive when it is expressing itself is vital.

2. Treat it as a friend

You should build a good relationship with your dog. It helps to make its life better. Check on it when you want to leave and talk to it. Also, check on the dog before you go to sleep. It will know you care about it and will not feel lonely during the night.

3. Watch what your dog eats

Dogs should eat healthy foods such as those recommended by Jug Dog. After all, their food determines whether they lead a good and quality life or not. So, don’t just buy and feed it on commercial pet food as this may not be satisfactory for your pet. The meals may not provide enough good nutrients since most of them are made from corn, grain, and other byproducts.

In some cases, some foods contain genetically modified ingredients. Most of these ingredients are not suitable for your pet. So, it is advisable to feed your dog on homemade food if you can afford it. Take your time to prepare the food just the same way you would prepare your meals.

4. Have something for your dog to do

A dog likes it when it is kept busy or engaged in some kind of activity. So, find something that your dog can do. Train it as a therapy giver and spend time and watch it use the skills to enrich the lives of other people. Let the dog socialize with other people and places. It excites him and makes life meaningful. Also, you need to take care of him by ensuring that there are no fleas on its body. But don’t use spot drop treatments since such treatments can get into the blood veins and harm the dog. When the drugs get into the dog’s system, they shorten its lifespan.

There are plenty of things you can do to improve your dog’s quality of life. But communicating with the dog and checking what it eats matters a lot. Also, ensure that the dog leads a flea- free life by using appropriate medicine.

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