4 Things To Do in Catholic Club Lidcombe


New in NSW? Looking for social clubs to hang out with?

Humans are social animals. To have a community is not a privilege, but to feel like we belong to a group is our need. Even when the world was at its worst- COVID-19, we stayed connected through social media. To many, it helped come out of loss, loneliness, boredom, and even grief.

But nothing compares to physical human interaction, and, this is where social clubs come to our rescue. These clubs provide us opportunities to indulge in fun activities and interact with peers. The best thing about such clubs is its supervised arrangement.

Presenting: Dooleys Catholic Club Lidcombe!

A Catholic club helps you connect with people across the town and find your gang. Though it is not limited to Catholics only, members hail from all faiths and backgrounds, however, a catholic club is named so for its affiliation with a renowned church.

A social club offers the perfect combination of fine dining, participating in events, playing, meeting strangers, making friends and enjoying things you’re passionate about. So, what to do in catholic clubs? Here’s a list of four must-do things in the Dooleys catholic club, Lidcombe:

  • Photography: Your love for capturing beautiful photos is served well within the Photography and Camera club. A perfect place where you will find that your passion for photography is shared by other mates. Dooleys even conducts workshops, classes, and events to help you hone your skills.
  • Go Golfing: What to do in a catholic club? Go golfing! At the Dooleys Club, you get to play both socially and competitively. The members all meet on Saturdays and enjoy golf with a free sausage sandwich and soft drink. Come for the golf and stay for the memories, and, oh, also for the sausage sandwich and soft drink!
  • Dance: Yes, groove to those Salsa beats at the Dancesport club AKA Dance Classes & Lessons, Sydney club. A fun way to stay active, happy, and healthy, it offers you lessons and classes on different dance styles including ballroom, salsa and more! Making dancing a part of your active lifestyle is known to improve aerobic fitness. Plus, what better way to socialise than to lose all inhibitions and get rocking!!
  • Travel: Your love for nature can be fulfilled by the Trip & Travel club. It constitutes a lovely group of adventurous explorers who go sightseeing in beautiful landscapes and establishments in New South Wales.

Fun, isn’t it? Well, that’s not it.

Other than these aforementioned activities, they also have the following clubs to cater to your lesser-known passions:

  • Ten Pin Bowling: For all you bowling fans, this ten-pin bowling club plays locally every Monday. This is highly recommended for new players looking to work their way up.
  • Table Tennis Club: Available throughout the week, their exquisite table tennis club offers a great space and meeting place.
  • Snooker & Billiards Club: A game you can never get tired of- Snooker & Billiards. A fun, challenging, and great social game to play for both amateurs as well as professionals alike, it caters to everybody.
  • Ladies Indoor Bowls: Meet a great gang of ladies over fun indoor bowls. They organise social and championship games with Coles and Myer’s vouchers awarded to the HIGHEST scorer!!
  • Fishing Club: They provide monthly charter fishing boart trips to Wollongong. Fresh sea air with people who enjoy fishing- The right place with the right opportunities right here, for you!
  • Mixed Indoor Bowls: A place to build great relationships, mixed indoor bowls offer players the chance to play socially or enter internal competitions in doubles or single. You are awarded for both competing and winning.
  • Euchre Game Club: Euchre is a fun card game at Lidcombe for members. It is competitive, fast-paced, and is known as the trick-taking card game.

Also be sure to check out options at gangnam1st.com as well.


The Dooleys Catholic Club, Lidcombe, is the answer to your question, ‘what to do in catholic clubs’ because we offer the best activities and games to our members in NSW. The activities are diverse and serve your needs for a healthy and happy life. Plus, these catholic clubs in Lidcombe serves all age groups, people of varied belief systems, professions, and not just adults. A social club could be your own opportunity to create bonds and build friendships that are meant to last for a lifetime.







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