4 Things To Know About Vermont Hemp Farms

Ah, Vermont… a beautiful state that is known for its gorgeous trees, picturesque mountains and … cannabis? As it turns out, numerous farmers around the state cashing in on the opportunity to grow hemp. In turn, the state’s regulations and legal market have also been shifting.

Keep in mind, hemp flower and the popular marijuana flower are the same things, although they both come from strains of the cannabis plant. With hemp, there is no psychoactive compound of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, that marijuana contains. Here are some things to know about Vermont’s hemp farms.

1. Cannabigerol Hemp Flower Offers Vermont Farmers Economic Value

In general, cannabis is a fascinating plant that offers a lot of unexplored potential in both the worlds of medicine and industry. One aspect of the plant that is especially interesting is the fact that some strains of it produce a nonintoxicating cannabigerol, or CBG flower that farmers can extract cannabidiol, or CBD, from.

2. Vermont Hemp Growers Are Subject to State Testing and Compliance

Given the nature of hemp and the laws that surround it, Vermont hemp growers are subject to numerous state regulations regarding the crop. For example, all farmers much submit to state testing and ongoing compliance requirements if they wish to grow hemp long-term.

3. VAAFM Oversees Vermont’s Hemp Farming Program

When it comes to regulation and oversight, the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food and Market, or VAAFM, oversees the state’s hemp farming program. Through this agency, local farmers across the state can register for growing and selling hemp crops.

4. Many Vermont Growers Are Branching Out Into Industrial Hemp

Although there has been a lot of success with CBD in recent years, Vermont hemp growers ended up oversupplying product with their 2019 CBD sales forecasts. As a result, many of those growers and processes are now branching out into industrial hemp.

With this information in mind, what do you think about Vermont’s growing hemp industry? Is this an area of farming that you have an interest in?