4 Things to Look For In a New Battery Charger for Your Car

Every car has an in-built battery charging system. However, there are instances when this system fails to function. Such a situation usually happens when you play the stereo after the engine has been turned off. It can also happen when the lights are left on for an extended period. This causes all the energy that’s stored in the battery to be drained. Your car engine can’t therefore start because there is no power in its battery. That’s you should always carry your battery charger in the boot, especially when going on a long journey such as a road trip.

Without a battery charger, you might get stranded on the road until you do a jump start or install a new battery. The device can really save you from the trouble of buying a new battery when you can easily resuscitate the old one. On the other hand, buying a new battery charger can be a daunting task for an inexperienced motorist. This is due to the fact that there are many brands to choose from. Here is a list of the things that you should look for when shopping for a new battery charger for your car.

1. Amperage and Voltage

Before you part with your hard earned money, you should first check the amperage of the car battery charger that you intend to buy. Amperage is basically the current that flows through the gadget at any given time. In fact, a charger that has a high amperage input will pump more energy into the battery. As a matter of fact, it’s amperage rating that determines how fast a charger can complete charging a car battery. Amperage can be easily spotted on either sides of the charger.

Besides that, you should check the charger voltage rating. This is actually the volume of energy that the charger can release as output. Although most cars use a 12 volt battery, you should select one that can also charge batteries with low voltage such as 6 volts. The advantage of investing in a charger that has variable voltage is that you can use it to power other devices that use DC energy.

2. Indicators for Charging

Buying a battery charger that’s not fitted with charging indicators is a huge mistake. This is because you will not be able to gauge the voltage that’s already in the battery. And that’s not all. You will also overcharge or undercharge the battery without knowing. This will eventually cause the car battery to get damaged. When a battery charger has indicators, you will be able to use it for My Car Needs This. In addition to that, you will not overcharge or undercharge the battery because the indicators will let you know when the voltage is either low or full. This means that you will not wait for your car to break down to recharge the battery.

3. Safety Features

A car battery is a hazardous gadget. If the terminals are connected the wrong way, the battery will eventually overheat and burst. Even if it doesn’t burst, it will still get damaged. That’s why you should narrow down to a charger that has reverse-polarity protection. With such a feature, the charger will not function if the terminals are not correctly fitted. Moreover, you should check if the clamps are designed to be spark proof. This is because clamps that are not spark proof can easily ignite a fire that can reduce the entire car into ashes.

4. Waterproof and Strong Construction

By the rule of thumb, you should opt for a charger that has waterproof casing. This is because a charger that’s not enclosed can be easily damaged by water if it’s used during wet weather. You should also ensure that the charger has a strong construction. Such a construction guarantees that it will serve you for several years in a row. If the model you are buying is bulky, you should ensure that it’s fitted with wheels or casters so that you can easily move it around.