4 Tips for Renovating Your Home’s Curb Appeal


Although you might believe that it is only what is inside your home that matters, there is nothing better than strolling toward your home only to see a beautiful façade that makes you long to go inside and proud to live in the house that you do. Not only this, but increasing your home’s curb appeal can also increase the value of your abode. If you are interested in renovating your home’s curb appeal, read on.

Install Cast Stone Window Cills

Window cills can add to the appeal of your home as they can make your home look like a quaint and charming property whose design is based on tradition. These window cills can keep rainwater away from your windows and home, meaning that they are not just there to look pretty. They can also add a contrasting color to your home’s façade and make it look more refined than it did previously. You can choose anything from slip to bay window cills depending on your home style and the windows to which these cills will be added. If you are interested in window cills and want these to become a prominent feature of your home, you should visit proctercaststone.co.uk to find out more about your options.

Plant Flowers

There is nothing that can increase your home’s curb appeal more, though, than flowers, especially if you choose flowers in vivid, bright colors and if you look after these beds often to prevent them from being overrun with weeds. You should also plant flowers under your windows, along your fencing, and follow the path up to your house. You might consider choosing a range of flowers to occupy these beds and plants that flower all year round. This can ensure that your front yard never runs out of color. As well as this, you should make sure that slugs and other pests do not attack your flowers by treating them with repellents and sprays. Otherwise, you might have to choose plants that these types of pests are not keen on.

Install a Path

Your home will hardly be inviting if you do not install a path right the way from your gate to your door. This is because your guests will struggle to get up to your door without getting muddy and without stumbling over your greenery. A path can make your home look cozy and whimsical, especially if you choose natural stones to make this path from or even stepping stones. You might also look for decorative stones that you can use to welcome guests to your abode and lay down a doormat at the end for them to wipe their feet on.

Add Lighting

You can also increase your curb appeal at night and during the evenings by investing in lighting, such as string lights. Not only can these keep criminals away by keeping your house out of the dark, but this lighting can make your home feel like a beacon and enable your guests to easily approach your door no matter the time of day. If you invest in fairy lights or lanterns, some of which are solar-powered, you might even add a certain amount of charm to your home’s exterior.

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