4 Tips for TMS Treatment

Since more and more people are failing to maintain their mental health, more and more treatments have been introduced. One of the treatments that are proven to be effective in treating depression, anxiety, OCD and PTSD is known as TMS.

TMS stands for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. TMS or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation is a non-invasive procedure that improves the symptoms of depression by using a magnetic field to stimulate nerve cells.

As per the observation and a study conducted recently, people who failed to get benefit from any other treatment have noticed improvement after TMS treatment. Therefore if nothing has worked for you, TMS is the way to go. TMS gets surprisingly more effective if you start well. Here are 4 tips that would make the TMS treatment more effective;

  • Get a good night’s sleep a day before the TMS treatment
  • Consume caffeine during the treatment
  • Stay alert, awake, and talkative during the treatment
  • Consider journaling your journey

Get a good night’s sleep a day before the TMS treatment

If you are planning to get a TMS treatment, keep in mind that you can not sleep during the treatment at all. You will only be allowed to sleep when the treatment is done. Therefore, you have to step into the clinic when you had a good night’s sleep. Moreover, you are advised to get a good night’s sleep also because it keeps you energized and well-concentrated and improves the chances of success. Hire consultant for TMS Therapy Houston Tx.

Consume caffeine during the treatment

Drinking caffeine just before the TMS treatment would also reward you in several ways. Caffeine, as a stimulant, enhances the benefits of the stimulatory pluses of your treatment. Therefore, drinking caffeine is as important as taking a good night’s sleep. Have a word with a professional to know how many minutes before the treatment you are supposed to consume caffeine.

Stay alert and talkative during the treatment

For the success of TMS treatment, the experts advise the person seeking help to remain alert and talkative during and after the treatment. So, you have to do the same for a speedy recovery.

Consider journaling your journey

If you do not want to lose hope and stay motivated throughout the journey, I advise you to journal your journey. Start journaling your journey a day before the treatment, write everything down, or at least how you feel. Keep recording your progress so that whenever you begin losing hope, you can go through the journal and be proud of the progress you have made.

These were the four tips that help you in speedy recovery. Other than that, you should eat well, start exercising, take medication as prescribed, limit alcohol consumption, and be patient with yourself. You will soon begin feeling better for sure.

In brief, TMS is a treatment that has been proven to be effective in treating depression, anxiety, OCD and PTSD. If you are planning to take it for your mental health and wellness take a good night’s sleep before the treatment, consume caffeine before the treatment, stay alert and talkative during the procedure, and consider journaling your journey.