4 Tips to Buying Long Lasting Flowers

Flowers are given to loved ones to symbolize feelings that the giver has towards the recipient. Flowers are often given to show affection, offer sympathy, make someone’s day better or to beautify one’s home or office. Choosing flowers based on the receiver’s preference is usually the easy part. Choosing long lasting roses may be an uphill task since you do not want the flowers to wilt in a few hours or days.

Observe the petals

You will know fresh rose petals when you see them. They will be free of discoloration, usually brown or dry black spots. These blemishes show that the roses are not fresh or they were cut wrong. Such flowers will wilt faster than fresh roses do. Besides being a waste of money, if you are buying the flowers for a loved one, they may want to hang onto the bouquet for as long as possible.

Buying flowers that will die soon after you have bought them may not sit well with your loved ones. It is always best to get the freshest flowers you can get. Sometimes the problem is not the flowers, but unprofessional florists who mess them up by cutting them poorly. If you notice many roses bearing the same blemishes, you should try another florist.

Look out for well-hydrated stems and bulbs not fully bloomed

When purchasing roses, the stems need to be wet. This shows that the flowers received enough water to maintain their freshness. If the stems are dry, the possibility of the flowers dying fast is high. Observing the bulbs is also essential. If the bulbs are yet to bloom fully, they will remain fresh for a longer time. However, if the flowers are to be used as part of the decor on the same day, then it is best to buy roses that have bloomed. You can also consider going with fresh peach roses that will decorate your space beautifully and awe everyone who sees them.

Consider eternity roses

Although these roses are referred to as eternity flowers, they do not last a lifetime. However, roses that last a year may as well be eternal considering freshly cut flowers naturally wilt in a week or more. These roses are soaked in oils that will keep them looking and feeling fresh for a whole year. The price of preserved flowers is steep, but if you buy flowers frequently, you may make a saving in the long run.

Buy from popular florists

Chances of getting fresh flowers are higher from a florist who has more sales and flower turnover. Some florists take longer to make sales. Although there are several ways to keep flowers fresh for longer, getting them when they are freshly cut gives you a greater chance of having the flowers fresher for longer after you have been bought.

Populous cities like Sydney, Australia, are a haven of freshly cut flowers. Looking out for the freshest flowers you can get is an excellent way of ensuring they retain their crisp appearance for longer. If you are not sure of ways to take care of the flowers once you get them home, you can ask the florist for tried and tested ways to prolong the life of the flowers.