4 Tips To Get Your Kids To Eat Everything


If you have a young one or several of them running around the house, you probably already know that these are probably the worst food critiques ever.

Kids will often just stare at their food and push it away for no good reason. This can get quite frustrating, especially because it’s impossible just to let them have their way every time.

How do you get our kids to chow down the healthy meals you oh so painstakingly prepare for them? Here are some smart tips to help you out.

Be Creative

Even the pickiest eater has a few food options they love. When you determine what these are, how about incorporating these into fuller, more wholesome dishes?

For example, a child that might not touch their carrots or zucchini might be more willing to eat them if you have yogurt as a dip. If they love chicken nuggets, how about adding grated veggies into the chicken patties?

Think about various foods and find creative ways to sneak in the required nutrients.

Timing Is Key

Just like adults, children will not have an appetite nor the urge to eat all day long. That said, you will be surprised at how open your child will be to new options when they are hungry.

Try to resist the urge to force your child to eat when they are not hungry as they will be extra picky during such instances. Instead, learn your child’s eating patterns and space their meal time accordingly.

Serve Small Portions

Offering your kids a mountain of food is a sure way to make them feel intimidated by the task at hand. Instead, mealtimes should be a fun time when they enjoy their meal, not feel like they are faced with a chore.

If eating starts feeling like a job, your kid will likely put up a fight during meal times. Instead, have small portions of different food items on their plate at a go. You can offer multiple small meals over the day with fruits or kids yogurt for example, or let the child request a second helping on their own.

Make It Fun and Appetizing

Kids love to feel included in everyday tasks. So once in a while, go grocery shopping with your young ones and let them help you pick out food. Then, after you get home, let them help with food prep and the actual cooking and serving.

Help the children plate and arrange their food in a fun, attractive way on their plate. The fact that they were part of the entire process might inspire them to feed better and even try unknown foods with a bit more zeal,


If you are extremely concerned that your child’s picky eating is denying them the required nutrients they need for their growth and development, consult their pediatrician for advice.




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