4 types of jewelry boxes according to your style


Whether you want to buy a small jewelry box or a large one, the challenge remains the same: find a jewelry case that fits the woman you are. To do this, we recommend to first determine which material you prefer!

In this article, we detail the characteristics of jewelry boxes made of cardboard, glass, leather and wood. This will allow you to determine the type of girls jewelry box you should choose to meet your expectations! See more information here!

Glass jewelry boxes for modern women

Glass jewelry boxes for modern women

Glass is a transparent material that is widely used to design all, or part, of the jewelry boxes of modern collections. It allows the owner of the jewelry to keep an eye on his collection. It’s also convenient for choosing earrings without having to open the drawer where they rest!

The large jewelry boxes contain numerous drawers and compartments to store both rings and necklaces. But you can also opt for small jewelry boxes for ring with velvet lining. This way, you can be sure to keep your jewelry box for women for many years.

But don’t just think about the functional aspect! Women also appreciate contemporary jewelry boxes containing glass for their unique aesthetic. They are often composed of simple lines that fit perfectly with a Scandinavian home decor. With a glass door you can see your gorgeous white pearls adding aesthetic on aesthetic (box and jewelry visible).

Leather jewelry boxes for exotic women

Leather jewelry boxes for exotic women

Leather is a soft material that is used to build or customize jewelry boxes of all kinds. It can come in many colors and textures. By working with these two factors, the craftsman can create a vintage jewelry box as well as a futuristic looking box.

Women appreciate leather for its aesthetic qualities. It is an elegant and refined material that inspires luxury. It can be combined with an interior mirror to allow women to prepare themselves properly. The mirror jewelry box is particularly appreciated by women who match their jewelry to their outfit of the day as well as their makeup. It’s a must-have  accessory for flirty women!

Wooden jewelry boxes for ecological women

Wooden jewelry boxes for ecological women

Wood is a noble material that has always been used by craftsmen. It can take different forms depending on the tree from which it comes: olive, cedar, fir, oak, birch, …

Woodworking is an art that combines strength and meticulousness. Whether it is to build a wooden treasure chest for antique dealer or a small wooden jewely box for little girl, the details must be taken care of in the same way. Of course, the manufacturing methods vary between countries. A Japanese jewelry box will not be made in the same way as a box designed in France.

This diversity is reflected in the wide choice of products offered by the market. You will find beautiful wooden girls jewelry boxes by clicking here. This online store offers both antique wooden jewelry boxes and modern products.

It is aimed at women who have developed an ecological conscience. Indeed, unlike the materials presented above, wood is easily recycled. It is also a resistant material that creates durable jewelry boxes that will accompany you for many years. It is the most responsible choice you can make in this world where sustainable issue is becoming a major issue of the 21st century!

Cardboard jewelry boxes for girls

Cardboard jewelry boxes for girls

Cardboard is a very soft and malleable material that is used to build various objects including jewelry boxes. You can choose to buy a jewelry box already made or order a kit to assemble it by yourself. The latter option allows you to customize your jewelry box according to your desires.

These unique jewelry boxes are suitable for girls or women attracted to crafts. It is very satisfying to build your own objects. The only drawback may be that the lifespan may be limited depending on the humidity or temperature of your home. Be sure not to get your work wet and keep it in a room with a moderate temperature.

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