4 Useful Water Storage For Emergency Cases

We can never foresee the future. We can never tell when and how things will transpire. Although we can plan preventative measures to avoid unwanted circumstances, its accuracy may vary, depending on how things will happen. Emergency cases like water shortage or interruptions are common with calamities nowadays.

Aside from the current pandemic, where the world suffers immensely, numerous natural disasters are happening simultaneously. We will discuss why we need these storages and which one is a perfect fit for specific cases. Here are four helpful water storages that are perfect for emergency situations:

Why Do We Need These Water Storages?

Water has been taken advantage of for quite some time because some tend to think that it has an infinite supply. People tend to realize their worth when they run desperately short of supply. Water storage containers play a vital role in these arduous times where global warming flourishes continuously. 

Provided that we can never predict when emergencies can occur, we must always prepare ourselves for the worst-case scenarios. Investing in these water storage tanks or containers is reasonably practical as they are as useful as water itself. Especially with unpredictable calamities, it is best to prepare your container when water becomes less accessible. 

Datrex Emergency Water Pouch

Have you seen James Franco’s 127 hours? Then you might find this water storage pretty handy. The Datrex emergency water pouch may appear tiny, but it provides a good amount of water storage. Carrying these water bags is convenient as they are lightweight and easy to handle. This water pouch is extremely helpful for survival situations and emergency cases. 

You do not always have to aim for the big ones to keep yourself safe and secure for future endeavors, and this handy water storage is perfect for those who want to conserve space. If you plan to invest in this safe to use water pouch, it usually comes in a pack of 64 bags that can cater up to 125ml. It is also priced reasonably, provided the convenience it can provide. 

LCI Plastic Desert Sand Water Can

Now, if you want to step up to bigger water storage containers, you must check out the LCI Plastic Desert Sand water can. The US Military uses this 5-gallon water container and is guaranteed sturdy and efficient. No matter what emergency case you are in, the LCI Plastic Desert Sand water can is your best pick, even if it includes conquering the deserts. 

It is initially designed to preserve good drinking water quality for longer durations. Its lightweight plastic is convenient for any setting that can ensure good preservation for survival situations. Its light color is not chosen by random. It is meant to be more recognizable when stored in dark areas and prevents being mistaken as a fuel container. 

Blue Coleman Jug With Water Carrier

Coleman is long known to be top-notch when it comes to water storage and other containers, especially coolers. You need not think twice about investing in this durable water storage as you can ensure top quality with this product. The Blue Coleman water storage is US-made and is made up of rigid polyethylene construction to ensure pure protection. 

It can also hold up to 5-gallons of water and will keep your water safe and clean for more extended periods. Investing in this practical water container is an intelligent choice as it is ideal for survival and emergency cases to establish efficient preparedness. Also, it comes with a pretty comfortable to use handle and water access. 

Augason Farms Water Storage Barrel 55-Gallon Drum

Now, this water storage is the one you run into for storing larger quantities. The Augason Farms drum can carry up to 55 gallons of water. If you plan to keep water for longer durations in one container only, then this barrel drum is your best choice. This large water container is BPA-free and composes a Food-Grade Polyethylene. 

It also meets strict EPA guidelines, ensuring its users that it is safe to use. The Augason Farms water drum is ideal for natural disasters as it can store clean and potable water for extended periods. With this safe-to-use water storage, you can ensure that your water is kept clean and away from any contaminations, unlike other plastic containers. 


Investing in these practical water storages is similar to the saying, “prevention is better than cure.” Because establishing efficient preparedness for any situation, especially natural calamities, is a wise decision to prevent yourself from running short on supplies and experience the worst conditions.