4 Ways “The Masked Singer” Stands Out Among Other Singing Competitions

It’s no secret that “The Masked Singer” has taken the world by storm. Between the amazing performances and the mystery of trying to guess who’s who, there’s no end to the fun this show has to offer! Here’s what helps TMS stand out from other reality music competitions.

The All-Star Cast

Unlike most other reality singing contests, “The Masked Singer” exclusively stars a cast of celebrities. More importantly, its cast is packed with celebrities from all walks of life — from singers and rappers to dancers, actors and even athletes, the stage has seen more star power than most other competitions. Even the panel of judges, featuring stars like Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger, are star-studded!

The Costumes

Not many reality competitions feature contestants in wild costumes, and that’s one area where TMS really stands out. Every performer designs their own unique costume, and the pieces are often flashy, exciting and intricately detailed. From the grandeur of the Lion and Leopard to the fun whimsy of the Mouse and Chameleon, the costumes are an aspect of the show fans just can’t get enough of. With every passing season, these ensembles become more carefully detailed and packed with subtle hints about the wearers’ identity, making them every bit as informative as they are a treat to look at.

The Theories

A major part of the show is the mystery behind each costume; who is the singer behind the mask? Fans are quick to assess the contestants’ clues, outfits and song choices in search of connections, and theories about who the various masked singers might be are quick to go viral on the Internet. Some of these theories have merit, others are far off course and a few are right on the money. Regardless, every theory is a wild ride and one of the most exciting parts of the show.

The Songs

Even more than the talented performers, costumes and exciting mysteries, the contestants’ song choices have audiences around the globe singing and dancing along. Every song performed on the show is a cover, and these covers span from 80’s classics to modern chart toppers. From soulful ballads to pop tracks, 90’s rap and everything in between, the contestants bring old favorites to life in a new and exciting way.

With fun songs, a colorful cast and new mysteries to solve every season, “The Masked Singer” has something for everyone to enjoy!