4 Ways to Wear Cuban Link Chains


There are many ways to wear a Cuban link jewelry item. If you are looking for different ways to wear your Cuban link chains, you have come to the right place. Here, we will discuss several ways you can wear a cuban link, including as a bracelet, ring, chain, or with a pendant as a necklace. Or, you can mix and match different metals, layer multiple chains together, and more. Either way, the glitzy and unique jewelry piece will look fantastic and shine in the light at every angle. There are unlimited ways to accessorize and stylize with a Cuban link jewelry piece, and here we will look at some of the popular ways to do so. Therefore, the Cuban link became the standard design for gold jewelry due to its massive popularity and craftsmanship.

1. Mix Metals

Mix Metals

You can match metals with your Cuban link jewelry pieces if you prefer a more uniform, clean, and classy look. Or, you can go the entirely other route and mix various metals, whether by wearing multiple items of different metals from each other or a single piece with several types of metals on it. If you want more of an eclectic and mixed style, you can opt for this trendy piece from 6 Ice.

The diamond cuff Cuban chain is two-toned with rose and white gold. The width is 15mm, and the weight is 145 grams. The materials are 14-karat rose and white gold plated, as well as 14-karat solid rose and white gold. It secures easily with a box clasp. The quality is astonishingly high, and it also has high-quality craftsmanship.

2. Match Metals

Match Metals

For a more classic and consistent ensemble, you can keep all of your metals the same as the jewelry items you wear at once. So, if this is the case, if you primarily opt for gold jewelry, then you would continue to get gold Cuban link chains because it makes layering the same types of metals and materials much more manageable. Suppose you mainly own silver jewelry and want to maintain a uniform look and aesthetic. In that case, the same is valid, and you should continue getting that type of metal for your jewelry so you can effortlessly layer all of your pieces together whenever you decide.

Above, we feature a bundle set where you can see that the metals and materials that pair together match each other and suit one another very well. The bundle includes two bestselling items; a 12mm diamond prong Cuban link chain bracelet and a 5mm tennis bracelet. The material is 14-karat white gold.

3. Layer Your Jewelry

Layer Your Jewelry

A Cuban link chain that is smaller in size makes layering much easier as you can add multiple other layers and pieces of jewelry without it being a bother to you. The perfect piece you can use as a basic that you layer with if you love gold jewelry and want to mix it with other gold pieces is this Cuban micro chain from 6 Ice in 18-karat gold.

The item is famous for its slim design and sleek feel. It measures 3mm in width, making it an ideal size for layering with other jewelry pieces. It is excellent to complement other jewelry pieces of the same or different metals.

4. Wear With a Pendant

Another stylish way to wear a Cuban link chain jewelry piece is with a pendant. You can wear a Cuban link chain by itself as a necklace and pair it with an additional pendant hanging off of it. There are many styles and types of charms or pendants you can choose from to accessorize your Cuban link chain with, such as this custom one from 6 Ice. The pendant is entirely customizable, meaning you can personalize it to say whatever you like, for the most part. It comes on a 5mm diamond Cuban link, and the built-in chain is already included in the purchase cost.

The custom pendant can be composed of various material options that you can select from, including 18-karat gold plated, 14-karat white gold, rose gold plated, 18-karat or 14-karat white vermeil, 14-karat solid gold, or 14-karat solid white gold. Stone options for the customizable pendant include gold plated and solid gold, among others. The height is 1.1 inches. Also, although the pendant is personalizable and customizable, there are a few minor stipulations. Specifically, the letters can only be uppercase, spaces are not allowed, and even though all letters are available, specific numbers can be made available upon further request. The pendant has a solid back and is not cage or hollow.


There are many incredible ways to wear a Cuban link chain jewelry piece. You can decide to mix metals, match your metals, wear one with a pendant, and so much more. Also, the different kinds of Cuban link chain jewelry you can find are limitless, as you can find a Cuban link ring, bracelet, necklace, anklet, and more. The choices are endless, and so many wonderful, flattering ways to accessorize and stylize with a Cuban link chain jewelry piece. Regardless of your aesthetic, we are sure you can find a Cuban link piece that you love and can’t wait to accessorize with when you wear it next.


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