4 Ways Using a Bobcat Makes Construction and Landscaping Easier

Have you been wondering how you could make certain tasks around your construction project easier? Or do you own a landscaping business and you’ve been thinking that there must be a more productive way to get sand and gravel moved around the work site?

Have you considered renting a mini skid steer? Commonly known as a bobcat, this powerful machine is perfect for landscaping, earth moving and work site clean-up among other tasks. If you aren’t sure if your company needs to purchase one of these nifty machines, you can make use of the expert bobcat hire Melbourne vendors.

Hiring the bobcat for a day or two will give you the opportunity to test it and decide if it’s practical to use it on a more regular basis. Let’s find out if this is the long term investment you need to make at your home or for your business.

What Are a Few of the Bobcat’s Useful Features?

With the many different types of earth moving machinery available for hire, it’s important to get the right machine for the job you need done.

Bobcats make tough jobs simpler. Featuring a 4-in-1 bucket, moving soil and gravel has never been easier. A roll over protection canopy ensures the safety of the operator. Depending on the job you need done, pick one of the different sized bobcats on today’s market.

Once you’ve had a test run in a bobcat and seen how much easier your task has suddenly become, you’ll ask yourself why you didn’t hire one sooner!

4 Ways Using a Bobcat Makes Construction and Landscaping Easier

Construction and landscaping projects have deadlines. The faster you can get a job done, the better. It’s an advantage if there are tools that’ll make the job easier and speed up the time frame. Here are a few ways using a bobcat will benefit your construction or landscaping jobs.

Better Visibilty and Simpler Control

The usual front loaders previously used around job sites are big and bulky. Operators of these front loaders often struggle to see exactly what they are doing. With a bobcat that problem is eliminated. Bobcat operators have much better visibility making them more efficient in getting the job done.

Also, because these machines are smaller than other construction vehicles, they are simpler to control. Bobcats are controlled with joysticks that the operaor uses as controls.

Ease of Use Because of Size

The use of bobcats is increasing in both landscaping and construction industries because of their smaller sizes & lighter weights. Bobcats are able to move effortlessly through smaller, narrow spaces; not possible with the heavier machinery often found on construction sites.

Another advantage of the bobcats’ lightweight feature is that you can easily transport it to and from job sites. Simply tow it with other vehicles.

Agriculturists and farmers often prefer using a bobcat rather than other machinery such as tractors. Not only are they faster but they can turn around in limited space.

Assortment of Attachments

The biggest advantage of bobcats and other skid steer loaders is that they have interchangeable attachments. These make the machine practical for a variety of different jobs. Instead of hiring different machines, you can just hire a bobcat with the required attachments.

A few of the attachments available include the following:

  • The standard metal bucket used for lifting and moving a variety of materials.
  • An auger tool digs holes for trees or fences, making landscaping tasks much simpler.
  • The fork tool is primarily used for moving bulky containers like pallets.
  • A backhoe is used for digging and moving materials to & from a job site.
  • Rock breakers break concrete, rocks or asphalt.
  • Concrete mixers are new to the skid steer scene but rapidly growing in popularity. An innovative mixer bucket facilitates the mixing and pouring of concrete.
  • Slashers and rakes are used primarily to cut & clear vegetation, trees and logs.
  • Broom attachments clean debris and plant material from the area. These can also be used for road maintenance.

You can easily swap attachments, based on the requirements of the job.


Bobcats are available in wheeled models or as track loaders. This means they have rubber tracks instead of tyres. Track loaders provide strong mobility in soft or muddy ground conditions. Unlike wheeled motor options, the track loader models can remain productive in soft, sandy or wet conditions without getting stuck.

In Conclusion

Skid steer bobcats are very efficient machines. In terms of size, manoeuvrability and visibility you’ll not get a more useful & durable machine. Whether you’re busy with landscaping, civil works or construction, the advantage of several attachments enable you to do different jobs with one machine.

So, the decision to hire a bobcat should be an easy one. The only question you should be asking yourself is which of the attachments you’ll order too!