5 activities that are good for your mind

Does your mind feel like its constantly racing? Do you find it hard to switch off? Then you’re in the right place. Here, we’ll explore five activities that are great for the mind, from meditation to decluttering.

Yoga and meditation

Practicing yoga and meditation is a great way to relax both your body and mind. It enables you to simply ‘be’ in the present moment, by focusing on your movement, breath or particular object. This gives your mind the time and space to be calm, and allows you to become more aware of your thoughts and feelings. According to Forbes, meditation can improve concentration and attention, reduce anxiety and even help with addiction.

Tidying your home

Another effective way to calm your mind is to thoroughly declutter your home. A recent article published by Calm Moment cites research linking the stress hormone cortisol to clutter. Even if you do not realise it, having a messy home can have an impact on your mental state, making it harder to focus and get good quality sleep. Having a tidy around may just be what you need to help you relax during your down time.

Cooking nutritious meals

Parcel delivery specialists, Parcel2Go have recently published some helpful ways to keep yourself occupied during downtime – and preparing home-cooked meals was one of them. They say that not only can it save you money and help you to eat more healthily, but also that “cooking with a partner has been found to relieve stress, especially when you try something new. All these benefits add to your overall well-being”.

Going outdoors

Being outside in nature is said to have great mental health benefits. Whether that’s heading out for a run, going for a stroll in a local park or doing some gardening, getting out into nature can have various advantages. Mental health charity Mind state that it can boost your mood, reduce feelings of stress, help you feel more relaxed and improve confidence.

Talking to loved ones

If you feel stressed, anxious or are facing problems, talking about it to someone you trust is one way to help. Rather than bottling things up inside, be open and chat through things – as it can help you to feel supported. Your loved one(s) may also help you to come up with solutions to any issues you’re facing, which could help to relieve any stress or tension you’ve been carrying.

Why not try one of these activities today?