5 Amazing Health Benefits of Playing Video Games

The media, the government, and the inexperienced people always say “VIDEO GAMES CAUSE VIOLENCE” when, in fact, it is the complete opposite. First of all, do not believe in the lies saying gaming influences violent acts; that’s like saying rock n’ roll cause violence. If you are looking for online gaming to change your mood, you should try Roblox, where you can play many games made by different people. It would be best to use various Roblox scripts to play the game.

On the contrary, video games are surprisingly beneficial for both mental and physical health. If anything, video games even help the disabled in more ways than one – which we’ll discuss later on. Alas, here are the 5 great health benefits you can get from playing video games.

1.  Video Games Reduce Stress and Anxiety

In a world where everything seems so fast and pressuring, a person can only take so much until he/she takes a dive into a mental breakdown. Much like watching Netflix, spending hours watching cat videos, listening to music while you close your eyes and going out with friends for a movie, video games are just another form of entertainment, No offense to the baby boomers but video games are more than just shooty-shooty bang-bang blood and violence.

Video games are all about engaging the player into their own worlds, their own stories, their own atmosphere. It’s a plunge into another world – one where we forget about reality and focus on a different realm. It’s a surreal experience, really. In exchange, the player releases endorphins much like exercising or smiling at something entertaining.

However, this only applies to story-driven and single-player games. Competitive multiplayer games are… shall we say, unpredictable in a way that they may either stress you out more or make you feel good depending if you win or lose a heated game.

2.  Video Games Suppress Depression

Let’s face it – the biggest mental dilemma with millennials and gen z people is depression. Suicide rates have significantly increased compared to 20 years ago and one of the main causes is depression.

A lot of gamers suffer this and it’s quite sad. But do you know what stops them from ending their lives? Video games. You can see a lot of stories telling us how Skyrim cured their depression or why Stardew Valley was their key to happiness. If you look at it, video games are more miraculous than destructive.

It’s all in the engagement between the game and the player. The scripts, the gameplay, the visuals, even the music plays a pivotal role in making a player smile even for a bit.

One of the problems of depression is due to isolation and the sense of loneliness. But through video games, players get to discover friends – or, to an extent – even love.

For some, life is worth living because of the games they play. Except for League of Legends though – that game will just make you sad. Okay, I was just kidding. Unless…

3.  Video Games Strengthen Skills for Real Life

Gaming can open our minds to discovering and even improving the skills we have. Yes, games are healthy in the sense that they help us improve our productivity in real life, whether it’s for school, work, family or just for yourself.

Competitive games help the player improve awareness and quicker reflexes – two forms of muscle memory that applies passively into a player’s life when he/she is occupied with something else.

The artistry of games helps in expanding the creative mind of the player. Both music and visuals initiate a sense of inspiration for those that appreciate art and craft.

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4.  Video Games Provide Exercise

Who said gaming is just sitting down for hours? Games like Just Dance, Wii Fit and Wii Sports offer a truckload of physically beneficial exercises for all ages. There’s a reason why the Nintendo Wii is a hit for the elderly.

Today’s VR games also encourage standing up and getting your body to move. Pavlov VR and Beat Saber are two good examples.

5.  Video Games Provide Help for Autism and Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Much like the games from #4, physical-based games like Just Dance, Wii Fit and Wii Sports offer benefits for the MS patients and the autistic. Such games help in maintaining their balance and minimize spazzing and moving constantly. The easy-to-learn directions and combination of fun and exercise attribute to the patients becoming better.

And That’s Why Video Games are Good

If you’re not looking at the nonsense triple-A games full of product placements and broken gameplay, you’ll find plenty of reasons why a lot of video games are good for the mind, body, and soul. What say you, media? What now, government? Games do not cause violence and that’s a fact. Here are some of the best video games that hit the world by storm in the 90s that you might also want to play.