5 Awesome Villas In Riviera Maya for Families

Out of the many ways to spend a vacation, acquiring a luxury villa has proven to be one of the best ways to do so. Private villas simply include more than any other vacation rental would. This includes better customer service, faster personal attention, and overall better locations. With that said, the issue that comes up after determining that a villa is a better vacation option is what villa to pick. Even more challenging is determining what part of the world to pick from. While these questions usually boil down to personal preference, villas in the Riviera Maya have proven to be some of the best in the world. As a stretch of the Caribbean coastline in the Yucatán Peninsula, it is hard to find villas with a better location and view than those situated on the Riviera Maya. Overall, providing a memorable vacation experience is a priority with most of these villas considering that terrorists are the main source of revenue in that location. Needless to say, the accumulation of all these factors makes villas here easy to choose from for the whole family. With this in mind, let’s go over five awesome villas in the Riviera Maya for families.

1. Musha Private Island Resort

Out of all the villa options, the Riviera Maya coastline has to offer, the Musha Cay Private Island Resort is arguably the best one for families. As we can see from its name, it’s not just a family villa, it is a full 700-acre private island in the Bahamas. Situated in the Exuma Chain, the island offers exceptional views from every location. As far as amenities are concerned, this island villa offers beach houses, high views, and palm terraces for the entire family to enjoy.

2. Casa Maya Kaan

Another popular villa option for many vacationers is the Casa Maya Kaan. Situated in the Biosphere Reserve in Sian Ka’an, this villa has everything from sandy white beaches, private escapes, and blue waters at every turn. This villa is definitely for the more adventurous families looking to connect with and enjoy the natural surroundings. Specifically, the CASA Maya Kaan has room to sleep nearly twenty guests including four queen beds and one king bed. As we can see, it has plenty of room for an entire family plus some friends.

3. Villa Taninah

What makes the Taninah villa unique is the type of villa it is. The Taninah villa is popularly known as a jungle retreat and resort. This gives visitors an exotic and adventurous vacation experience, unlike any other villa. Its location also sits just 15 minutes away from the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean. This gives this villa a private feel without leaving the beaches behind. The amenities of this villa include multiple bedrooms with resort views that can sleep up to 20 guests.

4. Soliman Bay house

The Soliman Bay House truly offers limitless services and experiences, including personal chefs, housekeepers, and some of the best views in all the Riviera Maya. This villa is for any family looking for a vacation experience with a home feel. The beach house itself sits on top of beautiful underwater coral reefs, sea life, and other amazing natural beauties.

5. Villa Guacamaya

Villa Guacamaya can make the case for the best family villa with its size alone. With only three bedrooms and enough size to sleep up to ten people, it is not too big or small for a family. Above everything else, this villa offers privacy in a luxurious comfortable way. Other amenities include a private pool, gym, and a home away from home feel.