5 Benefits of Automatic Opening Ventilation (AOV)

Did you know that in facility fires, almost more than half of deaths are caused by smoke poisoning?

An AOV system (which stands for the Automatic Opening Ventilation) is an advanced engineering achievement that allows harmful smoke to be expelled outside or at least to break down its concentration.

Why is this important? Because it reduces the danger even before harmful smoke quickly spread throughout the entire facility, including escape routes like halls and staircases.

That’s why we have pulled together a list of the 5 benefits of automatic opening windows.

5 Benefits of AOV

1. Safety

When designing and constructing a building, one of the highest priorities should be the safety of its dwellers.

Too many times in the past, the vast majority of investors have put the cost in front of ensuring that people safety is highly secured.

Luckily, AOVs and smoke vents are in charge of keeping the building escape routes clear of smoke. Otherwise, smoke would obstruct the vision and damage the lungs.

These types of window openers do not require human action before they start extracting the smoke out because they start activating as soon as the fire alarm system detects smoke in the building.

This means that dwellers do not have to worry about anything else except evacuating the building.

2. Versatility

An AOV can be installed almost everywhere and can be designed to meet your particular space requirements and dimensions.

AOV systems are more commonly found in hospitals, schools, hotels, and apartment blocks and are usually installed in stairwells and corridors.

3. Allows Firefighting Operations

Each and every multiple occupancy or commercial building needs to have an AOV system in charge of channeling fire smoke and fumes out of the building.

Besides keeping the emergency escape routes free of smoke, they also allow easy firefighters access, which can be crucial for people lives since the ventilator extracts the smoke out of the building, letting people get out, and firefighters get in.

The best part is that when they are installed in combination with any fire doors (that close right away automatically during a fire) – the spreading of smoke can be drastically reduced.

4. Tested

An AOV system must undergo huge rigorous testing to ensure the mentioned safety concerns are met and secured in the long run.

These tests include specific testing over thousands and thousands of operations to make sure the actuator mechanism can handle a number of uses.

Tests also include low and high temperatures tests, an endurance of wind and snow loads, and so on.

5. Automatic System

As we have mentioned above, the system is completely automatic, which means they do not rely on people intervention.

As soon as fire smoke or heat is detected, an AOV system is triggered.


AOV windows can definitely save people lives by keeping all the main escape routes free of smoke.

An AOV system combines both performance and aesthetics to ensure your building is highly safe and meets the design requirements to meet your needs.