5 Benefits of Bamboo Bed Sheets For Better Sleep


Products made from bamboo fiber are especially popular because they, on par with cotton, have a low price and a number of features and advantages. Bamboo fiber is produced from the crop of the same name, a plant that has a record growth rate without the use of chemicals. Some varieties gain up to 15-20 meters in height in one month, so it is possible to grow it in very large volumes in a short period.  Also, bamboo is highly self-sustaining and regenerative, which means it can even be grown in areas that do not have enough water. Bamboo sheets are made for you if you are willing to improve your sleep quality. Best bamboo sheets are very soft, comfortable, and sustainable, making them suitable for most individuals.

Useful properties of bamboo bed sheets

bamboo bed sheet is in demand all over the world as bamboo fiber has a number of useful properties:

  • Environmental friendliness of production. The possibility to produce large volumes of raw materials without the use of chemicals has a beneficial effect on the quality of the resulting material.
  • Excellent fabric throughput. Air circulates freely within the fabric, giving the skin an extra sense of comfort.
  • Bactericidal properties of the fabric. In studies, it was found that 70% of the bacteria in bamboo fiber do not survive more than a day.
  • This is, of course, a wonderfully tactile effect of bamboo fabric. It has softness, silkiness, and smoothness, and, when touched with the skin, brings only pleasant sensations.
  • Hypoallergenic: the composition of the filler does not cause allergic reactions. Bamboo fibers do not tend to accumulate harmful microorganisms. Due to the natural composition, the blanket has a persistent antiseptic effect. Microbes, mold, and all types of fungi that get on it die.

There are two ways to extract fiber from bamboo:

Mechanical: takes more time, but it is a completely safe method. First, the plant is crushed, softened by the action of enzymes, and the fibers are combed out.

Chemical: happens much faster. To begin with, bamboo pulp is softened with chemical reagents, then the mass is passed through a special device with small holes. It turns out a thin fiber, which then hardens. The resulting raw material, from which products will be subsequently sewn, does not pose any harm: it is environmentally safe for humans.

Are bamboo sheets better than cotton sheets

Are bamboo sheets better than cotton sheets?

What about the standard and already familiar cotton, which, until recently, was considered the ideal material for the production of bedding sets? Its characteristics do not lose their attractiveness but pale in comparison with practical bamboo.

1. Durability

Cotton bed linen, in the first place, loses in durability. A bamboo sheet will last 3 times longer than a similar set made of cotton. After numerous washes, the eco-friendly material does not lose its whiteness and remains soft and attractive. In addition, pollution on bamboo is washed off much better and without the use of special tools.

2. Moisture absorption

Both materials perform well. However, bamboo fiber absorbs moisture twice as fast. Accordingly, it is much more comfortable and pleasant to sleep on bed linen made of this fabric in hot weather because it does not stick to the body. In addition, due to its natural origin, bamboo fabric is breathable.

3. Beauty

The appearance of bedroom sets from both materials is also noticeably different. Bamboo sets are distinguished by noble brilliance and brightness of shades that are not lost even after a long service life.

And most importantly, with all the advantages of bamboo bedding sets, they have a very optimal cost. It is surprising that humanity has only recently discovered such useful properties of bamboo and begun to actively use them in the textile industry.


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