5 Benefits of Owning Multiple Pairs of Running Shoes

Do you sometimes find it unnecessary to have multiple pairs of running shoes? This is a valid question, especially when you have runner friends with several pairs in their shoe rotation. Yet, you feel comfortable in your one or two pairs until they wear out. Although it is not compulsory to have more than one pair of running shoes, the necessity of having more has its benefits. Also, the shoes in most instances depend on the number of times you run in a week, and also the speed that you run at as well. So, with this in mind, you can choose the number of shoes you need to have. As you read on, you will find benefits of owning multiple pairs of running shoes and you can change your mind on adding a pair or two.

1. Reduces risk of injury 

Due to repetitive movement, many people get running-related injuries. Plus, when you run in the same shoes daily, your body is always in the same position. Thus, your joints and muscles are being stressed similarly with every run, and injury and fatigue easily occur. If you want to reduce the risk of injuries like foot pain, heel spurs, knee pain, gravity defyer shoes would be a great choice for you. See the best Gravity Defyer Shoes Review. Hence why you must rotate your running shoes to ensure that you change the position of your body and also relieve repetitive stress. It is best to use shoes with a different heel-toe drop. Although going up and down seems too little, it is enough to create a difference in your running position. As you shop for Nike Air Force 1 sneakers to add to your running shoe collection, you will love its good design that gives you stability as you run with them.

2. Different terrain for different shoes 

Different terrain for different shoes 

Another benefit of having multiple shoes is it will help you choose the right shoes for the terrain you plan to run. As an example, if you are running on the trails, you will require trail running shoes. These shoes are designed for rocks, dirt, and gravel as they have deeper lugs on the bottom of the shoe, adding ideal traction for a good grip on loose surfaces. Additionally, many of these trail shoes have added stability and protection features that help with the rough trail terrain. Therefore, if you have a new running routine that you have to run on the trails or rugged places more regularly, among your many shoes you will require a more specific shoe. Through this, you will feel the difference in comparison to using your everyday road running shoes.

3. More options are fun 

More options are fun

When you have multiple shoes for running, it gets more fun as you can choose a shoe depending on your mood and how you want to match your exercise outfit. So in some instances, it is not about the variety of shoes or the speed but enjoying your shoe collection and being able to have fun with them. Select the shoe that feels best for you and also that feels fun to wear for the day since you have a collection of shoes. For example, you can opt for a softly cushioned shoe if you feel worn out and tried to wear for a short walk. Alternatively, on the days you feel like you need to boost speed, opt for a lightweight, fast shoe that is more responsive underfoot.

4. Different speeds for different shoes 

Different speeds for different shoes

Many runners as they progress, love to vary the speeds of the different runs they go for. As you go for runs daily, you do not go for similar runs every day. It is best to change the speeds so that you may incorporate various efforts into your exercise routine. For this reason, you can plan to keep it low on some days, and others you can go for a run that includes sprint efforts or tempo pace. To achieve all this, you need different shoes that will help you to perform these different speeds, either slow or fast speeds, and in this way you can get to try different running experiences. A lighter and more responsive shoe is best when you want to be quick off the ground. While a highly cushioned shoe is best for recovery runs or slow runs. Therefore, depending on the performance speed that you want you can choose a shoe type to achieve it.

5. You will have longer-lasting shoes 

You will have longer-lasting shoes

When you have multiple shoes they tend to last longer since you are using each running shoe for its intended purpose. For even just walking in your running shoe wears down the cushioning. Also, using trail running shoes on the pavement will deteriorate the stickier soft tread faster. Thus, with many shoes at your disposal, you can easily choose a shoe that is specific for that exact activity that you want to perform. Also, when you have multiple shoes, you can preserve the midsole foam as you do not wear the shoe everyday only when it is necessary. If you had just one shoe, and you wear it every time, you tend to compress the middle foam under your foot. So when you have multiple shoes, in between various runs, you give your foam time to decompress and come back to its original state.

To sum up, as you buy men’s or women running shoes. You must have a few pairs more so that you can enjoy the benefit of having multiple shoes. As not all runs are the same or created equal, the same applies to shoes and you must get the benefit that each shoe has to offer for your running exercises. However, as much as you consider the shoe choice to help with what you want to achieve. To enjoy the shoe more as you run, you need to also warm up properly, stretch, work to build your foot strength, among other things. All these are essential to keep you injury-free and it will go a long way to keep you healthy. As there is no point in having quality multiple shoes for running, yet you are not doing your part to utilize them fully.