5 Benefits to a Microchip


Dogs quickly become a member of your family, and losing one is traumatic. It is common for a pup to escape from a yard and explore. However, microchipping them assists in making sure they make it back home. Millions of pets are reported missing every year, and a large portion never makes it home. Unfortunately, this is often due to the inability to track down the owner. However, microchips offer a multitude of benefits.

What is a Microchip?

Before you dive into the benefits of microchipping your dog, it is best to know what it is. These tiny chips are mini-computers that are no bigger than a grain of rice. A veterinarian inserts the device just under the skin using a needle in an office setting. These microelectronic devices will contain your information and are added to a registry service. If your animal is lost, a handheld electronic reader scans the chip. Shelters, veterinarians, and police stations are often equipped with these readers and can contact owners.

Benefit #1 – Collars Fall Off

Many pet owners purchase dog tags to place on collars. These tags can contain any amount of information, including your dog’s name and your phone number. However, collars are not infallible. They break and fall off, or a pet can wriggle free of them. Microchips are under your dog’s skin, so guaranteed to stay with your animal.

Benefit #2 – Nationwide Registry

Microchipped information is added to a national registry. If your dog gets lost while on vacation, it makes it easier to reunite with the rightful owners. Unfortunately, there are bad people in this world. If your dog were to be stolen, the microchip offers a method to prove the pet is yours.

Benefit #3 – Breeds Look Similar

One of the worst things to experience as an owner is losing your pet, and then finding a dog that looks similar. You do not want to deprive someone else of their loved one because of your confusion. Thankfully, microchipping prevent this mishap. A simple scan of the dog’s skin tells you the proof of ownership.

Benefit #4 – Extra Services

Microchips do not only tell you who the owner is of a dog. Some manufacturers are adding features to the implants that add to the functionality. Smart features, such as automatic dog doors, make pet ownership more convenient. Bluetooth additions signal to the dog door to open when they are nearby, and owners can track their locations using GPS.

Benefit #5 – Lifetime Addition

The price of a microchip is inexpensive to the length of time they last. You pay once for a piece of equipment that lasts a lifetime. Veterinarians can scan the chip once a year at a checkup to verify it is still in working order.

Microchip services are available at most vet clinics, like https://shulervetclinic.com, or shelters. You will want to converse with the veterinarian to make sure the brand used is one that can be read by most readers. This assists in preventing a delay in returning your furry family member to you if lost.

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