5 Benefits to Buying Jewelry from a Local Store Instead of Online


Online shopping is becoming more popular every year with huge retail brands spending millions in developing websites to sell their products and interact with customers. The convenience of online shopping makes it a viable alternative to visiting physical outlet stores and shopping malls. However, online shopping is not always the best option when you intend to buy something of higher value and relies heavily on trust and credibility. If you want to buy a piece of jewelry, visiting local jewelry stores will give you the full customer experience that you deserve without compromising quality. Here are five advantages of buying jewelry from a physical store compared to an online store.

1.Inspect the Quality Better

You can never really judge the quality of the jewelry that you want to buy just by looking at the photos posted online. You can’t be too sure whether the diamond in the ring is exactly how it looks in person. Perhaps, the picture has been edited to make it look shiny and perfectly cut to sell it better. Even if online stores describe the pieces of jewelry in detail, it is still challenging to examine the artistry behind every cut and every design. Unless you’ve seen a similar necklace from a friend, there is always a risk of buying something online without personally vetting for it. Save your money and relieve yourself of stress by going to a local store to choose your jewelry.

2.Examine the Look and Feel

Aside from quality, there is that gut feeling that you have to consider when choosing a piece of jewelry. This is very important especially if you are selecting a piece of jewelry to give to a loved one or perhaps an engagement ring. Sometimes, the most expensive or the trendiest ring is not always the perfect fit. Nothing beats going to a local jewelry store and fixing your eyes on a single ring. You know you have to get it.

3.Avoid Scams

One of the disadvantages of online shops is the risk of getting scammed for profit. It’s either you are paying for a fake piece of jewelry, or you are buying from a non-existent online store. What was initially an exciting moment of purchasing an expensive necklace to reward yourself, will end up being a remorseful experience that you will never forget. Avoid getting scammed by going to a reputable jewelry store where you have the chance to inspect every jewelry, ask for details, receive an authentication letter, and more importantly, a receipt with a guaranteed return policy.

4.First-hand Customer Service

A lot of the time, online stores are all about convenience and fast shopping. When you are looking for a piece of jewelry that means something, you need to give it your time and attention. Visiting a physical store offers you the advantage of speaking to a jeweler who is knowledgeable. If you are willing to shed a couple of thousand bucks to buy the perfect earrings to gift to your daughter, you need the assurance and the encouragement from a retail jeweler that you are getting what your money is worth. Jewelers usually remember their customers which makes it easy for when you need repairs, cleaning, and other services when it comes to your jewelry.

5.Efficient Custom Designs

What if you have an idea for a great design or you have a specific stone in mind? There is not a lot of online stores that offer custom-designed rings or necklaces because it poses a hassle and defeats the purpose of a virtual shop. On the other hand, a local jewelry store can provide custom-designed services where the customers can explain and show their preferred color, shape, and cut. The process is a lot more personal and has the potential for achieving long-term customer loyalty.

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