5 best bitcoin wallets app for 2021


You can secure your bitcoin coins by using a bitcoin wallet. This wallet is a software application, which can be easily used by any person. BTC has no physical form and shape of its own. A coin wallet can technically only be used to store your bitcoin as it cannot be stored anywhere else. This software is secure as well as fast, which is considered very easy to use and reliable. We have listed below the top crypto wallet apps and software as follows, in which we have highlighted their popularity. In this article, I will bring you a list of free and paid software. If you want to know more about bitcoin, then you can visit here Bitcoin Champion

Which is the best bitcoin wallet


Coinbase is a crypto wallet, using it you can buy and sell digital currencies as well as transfer ideas as well as store them very easily using it. It is a secure wallet, in which you can store many digital assets offline.


  • With Coinbase you can easily buy and sell digital currency.
  • largest cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • You can use this app on both your iOS and Android devices.
  • You can store your money in this safe in a safe way.


Bitfinex is a trading platform, using it to help you exchange Ethereum, Litecoin and some such very easily. With this, you will be fully able to access the peer-to-peer funding market through this platform. Through this website, you can see your orders very easily, for which you are provided with an advanced chart tool.


  • In this platform you can integrate all the products in a wide range.
  • You can access it with your Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Through this, you can make your business even easier, because in this you are provided with different types of tools.


Binance, which is a bitcoin wallet platform, has become trustworthy for people. More than 160 platforms are provided to trade cryptocurrencies. It is hereby provided to the API, through which it fully assists you in integrating the current trading application.


  • In this application, you are provided with many tools for online trading.
  • This platform can be compatible with iOS, Android and PC clients.
  • It is a secure bitcoin wallet that provides you 24/7 support.
  • Binance Trading provides you with a basic and advanced exchange interface.


Cex.io is a platform that you can use to buy or sell bitcoins. Through this application, you can deposit your funds using PayPal Debit, MasterCard or Visa Card. In this, online programs can protect your data with assets, including frequency trading and scalping strategies to follow.


  • Users can trade USD with Bitcoin, XRP (Ripple) and Ethereum if they wish.
  • io provides its service in the United States of America and also in more than 36 states.
  • You can easily use this app on your mobile devices and platforms like websites.


Exodus is an online platform with which you can secure your cryptocurrency, manage it through an exchange. It is a trusted cryptocurrency wallet, using which you can diversify your portfolio, with it you can easily exchange different types of assets with great ease.


  • It provides advanced security for cryptocurrencies.
  • You can easily track the movements of this market even on the go.
  • If you want, you can use it on your mobile phone and desktop. You can easily send or receive cryptocurrencies using a hardware wallet.
  • This exchange is allowed to take place.

In this, you can also keep your assets securely offline on Trezor hardware.

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