5 Best Contact Management Software Platforms in 2021


Do you use contact management software to keep your business running smoothly? These are our picks for the best software to manage contacts.

The best contact management software gathers various sales data within minutes. Quit spending hours on a single task when you can work it into proper contact database software. This software can speed up the sales lifecycle so that you reach your goals ASAP.

Here are the five best contact databases to keep your business running smoothly!

1. Bitrix24

The customer relationship management solution or CRM by Bitrix24 is one of the best. It allows businesses to track and organize prospective and current clients. The contact database software performs segmentation of target audiences and generates sales reports.

The sales dashboard provides an overview of sales transactions at any stage of the process. Sales agents can view successful deals, clients without invoices, and their agents’ ratings.

2. HubSpot CRM

HubSpot users can use their email, social media or voice calls to track every customer interaction. They can then store and organize those interactions by lead. And the real-time visual dashboard makes it very easy to view the entire sales funnel.

This contact database software also allows you to create and manage email templates. Users can track email performance and receive real-time notifications. Users get notified about opened emails or even downloaded attachments.

3. Pipedrive Software

With Pipedrive, you can efficiently convert potential deals into successful sales. Its cloud-based application makes them accessible 24/7. Plus, the interface makes it simple to plan sales activities and watch any deals.

This contact manager also integrates different email service providers like Gmail or Yahoo. As well as MailChimp, GoogleMaps, Zapier, and Trello. Users can send and receive emails from more than one account.

4. HarmonyPSA

HarmonyPSA serves as a hybrid PSA software to manage business operations. This specific contact management software is especially helpful for online providers. Users can deploy the solution either on-premise or host in the cloud.

The contact database offers services that complement different time zones and multiple currencies. You can trade through different brands and have legal entities across multiple tax jurisdictions.

HarmonyPSA’s services have a monthly subscription after their one-time implementation fees. Their customer support is available online, via email or through voice call.

5. NetSuite 

NetSuite has an Apple iOS app designed to automate sales, manage customer data, show marketing analytics and more. Users of the app or the software can integrate back-office metrics and data with front-office operations. This provides higher management with clearer overviews of the organization.

All information gets stored in a secure data center. Their NetSuite Business Operating Platform (NS-BOS) also helps developers plan, build and launch. Users can get more specific to their industry before launching customizations and applications.

Choose the Best Contact Management Software for You

Choosing the best contact management software should not seem complicated. There are providers, like PieSync, that offer consistent support and quick resolutions. Ask about any questions you have about providers’ services, like how their customer satisfaction is measured.

In conclusion

Contact management software is proof that super-efficiency does exist! And with any of these contact databases, you could reach goals in no time. What are your top 5 contact managers? Tell us in the comments below!



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