5 Best Essential Items You Need for Hiking Trip


So you are going on a hiking trip to the wilderness and don’t know what to expect or bring with you. Well, don’t worry. The essential items for a hiking trip will be the ones that protect you from the climate, help you get through emergency situations, and eventually give you all the means to survive.

There are many other types of items to consider. Here we will explain the 5 essential items to bring along on a hiking trip. Take a look further to find out more!

5 Best Essential Items for Hiking

1. Shoes & Boots

There are many options when it comes to hiking footwear. We highly recommend trail shoes as they are highly comfortable, easy to use, and protect your feet from all kinds of terrain. Some of these are even waterproof completely so they keep your feet dry at all times.

But if you are going on a really heavy and long trip with lots of baggage, hiking boots would be your best idea. They are stronger and will keep your feet even safer than any shoe you may find. And the support they offer to prevent pain and inflammation on your ankle is simply amazing.

Alongside boots or shoes the right socks will be helpful as well. We recommend synthetic materials that are fast to dry and highly compressive. They keep your feet protected and free of any moisture. But if you want the best results, wool be your ideal choice thanks to the temperature protection and the freshness without leaving protection behind.

Just make sure you have the most useful footwear possible so you can prevent unnecessary damage to your feet and you can walk or hike for many hours non-stop. If you can get both boots & shoes and several pairs of socks, you’ll be more prepared than 99% of hikers.

2. Backpack or Daypack

Anything that gives carrying capacity works on a hike, especially if it is made specifically for hiking. Several daypacks and backpacks offer enough space so you can bring all the necessary emergency & survival items for a hike. And if it is made of a great material such as nylon and polyester, you can expect a durable & reliable product entirely.

But we also recommend going for options that come with comfortable designs and additional features so you can carry more things effortlessly. Pockets, built-in sections, a rain cover storage, and even built-in thermal pockets are always useful quirks to go for.

Additionally, we think that those backpacks and daypacks that you can secure to your body are a huge plus. This way you get a product that will fit tightly but also prevent your gear from falling or just slipping off your body. Other factors that will come useful are ventilation, hip belts, adjustable straps and waterproof constructions.

3. Weather Protection

There’s maybe nothing more important than keeping yourself safe from all the different things that the weather can throw at you. From heavy rains to great cold climates and unceasing storms, you should always be protected against any factor that could damage your hike.

That’s why we always recommend bringing your best weather clothing, including several layers in case you are going to a possibly cold place. Focus on wool and cotton items for keeping you from getting cold, and nylon or polyester for rain protection.

Going with a hat can also be useful to protect your head and face from relentless sun rays, and a pair of sunglasses will keep your eyes safe as well. Don’t forget about the useful sunscreen either.

Nothing is more important than a good tent, though. A waterproof tent that protects you when you are sleeping is probably the most important item, especially if you intend to spend several days in the wilderness.

4.     Survival Kit

A fire starter, flashlight, headlamp, a whistle, a multi-tool knife, and more – all these items are critical for survival, so they are essential in your hiking packing list.

Don’t forget about bringing a map and a compass as well. They are critical for navigation, especially if you get lost by mistake or you need to come back fast to a near place due to an emergency or just whatever.

Always having survival items will save you from a lot of challenging situations, so you must always bring then if you want more chances of surviving or at least fare more easily through tough times.

5.     Emergency Kits

There’s probably nothing more vital in camping & hiking trips than a good emergency kit. Here you can add first-aid equipment and items such as sutures, antiseptics, bandages, and wound healing creams or ointments.

Any useful medication such as anti-inflammatory pills or gels, plus anti-allergic medication can be vital too. And if you’re going to a place with many insects or animals that are venomous, don’t overlook the chance of bringing a vial of antidote if possible.

Apart from that, it’s useful to always bring a high-end survival knife or medical scissor. This will help you get splinters and rocks off wounds, cut bandages or clothes, make sutures, and much more. In your emergency kit don’t forget about a pair of tweezers either, they will improve your overall experience completely.

And to finish the whole emergency kit, bring pain relievers. These are not really for an emergency, but for the whole trip. Some people tend to fare well in hikes without problems, others eventually need pain relievers for their bodies – you can be one of them.

Get the Ideal Hiking Items Now!

So, are you ready to start your hiking adventure? With the above items you’ll be able to experience the best days of your life without fear. Just make sure you have all the essential items so your hike becomes a piece of cake.

Remember to also bring food, water, and cooking items. The rest will be about surviving and keeping your head straight. And surely, always go hiking with people you trust – this way there won’t be anything more useful than a helping hand even in the toughest situations.

Now it’s time to start building your hiking backpack. Use our advice and you’ll get far without any problem.

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