5 Best Tips To Calm Your Inner Chaos

What is wrong with me? What is going on with me? Why have I lost interest in everything?
These are some questions we ask ourselves very often. Stress, anxiety, the physical and psychological pressure of everyday life cause health disorders or uncomfortably with ourselves, with our identity. This is what is cold our inner chaos. Nevertheless, is it real or do we invent it?

The answer is YES and NO. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed that we get tired and make up our own chaos. Just a little rest and the whole image of this chaos disappears. Another false inner chaos is caused because of mass stories that we hear about depression and stress and anxiety. We relate our symptoms to what we hear or read and create a chaos fallacy.

However, inner chaos exists and it is quite serious. It is always escorted by physical and psychological disorders. Some physical manifestations are:

  • shaking or trembling
  • feeling jumpy
  • sweating
  • insomnia

The psychological anxiety disorders are:

  • depression
  • panic attacks
  • phobias

There is a close connection between physical and psychological disorders and a long, hard way to overcome anxiety. Very often we do not want to face the problem because of our beliefs or our environment, and sometimes we focus on it too much. Both extremes are only atrocious. There are many options and examples of making things better.

Here are some tips on how to conquer and reduce the negative effects of our inner chaos.

Slow down – Take a break and stop running. Life is more than a job or everyday chores. Face the problem without fear and slow down. This does not mean leaving behind your projects and plans. Just take a breath and return to what you were doing with positive perspectives and better preparation.

Take care of your body  – let yourself have a whim. Get a spa ticket and give your body a chance to revive. Use natural products that can fight the problem. Use natural CBD oil to relieve the anxiety, buy essential oil diffusers for your bedroom. Use bath salts and aromas to relax, turn on your favorite music and smoke organic hemp flower. This does not mean that you should waste lots of money. In our world of consumerism and demand, there is always a good price and quality combination if you make short research. Also, don’t forget about your organism and nutrition, it has a direct effect on your mental and physiological health. So eat high quality food, drink required amount of water.

Identify and manage your stress points  – you can take a while to think about the real causes of your inner chaos. take a notebook to write them down and afterward decide how you can manage them. Treat each of these points individually, one by one, without hurry. Give them a chance to change from ‘malignant’ to ‘benign’.

Smile  – try to be positive, don’t think about negative things that can happen to you, but try to focus on how to increase the number of positive moments in your life. Watch comedies and listen to disco music, dance, and party.

Make good friends and organize timeouts

surround yourself with positive people and people with compassion. A correct person in the correct place at the correct time is the best cure for any disease.  Call for a timeout, have coffee and lunch and dinner with them, reduce your time of being alone. Speak, laugh, cry, shout…

Remember that everyone is unique and what is good for one of us may not be so for the other one. Love yourself and give your body all the best and of the premium quality without being cheated. Combine the best price and quality products. Use Natural cosmetics, buy ecologic food, try natural oils for massage or to take them to decrease anxiety, try aromatherapy inhalers, or just read a good book. Even a colorful day planner can be of high relief.