5 Best Weighted Blanket for Kids


1. Hush Kids

Hush kids produce two weighted blanket options for kids, the Hush Kids Iced and the Hush Kids Classic. Both options are suitable for children between 13 kilograms and 32 kilograms. The Hush iced blanket weighs approximately 2 kilograms and has a bamboo and cotton cooling cover, which helps keep the child’s temperature optimum at night. The Hush Classic is made purely from soft, breathable cotton, which helps keep the child warm on a co0ld night, without smothering them with too much heat. Both blankets have an inner weighted blanket made from breathable microfiber, which helps keep the children cozy and snuggled for a whole night’s sleep. Hush kids weighted blankets should get only spot cleaned to prevent machine damage. However, the outer down duvet cover can get machine-washed.

2. SnugBug Compression Sheet

A compression sheet is a cheaper alternative to a weighted blanket but produces a similar sensory input as a weighted blanket. However, unlike a weighted blanket that uses weight to keep the child held in place on their bed, a compression sheet gets wrapped around the mattress, usually like a mattress cover, and then the child slides under the sheet to sleep. The fabric then uses compression to hold the child in place, eliciting similar responses to weighted blankets. SnugBug compression sheets are made from Nylon Spandex fabric, which helps reduce resistance when the child is asleep at night. It is also ideal for use in all seasons, and when it is freezing, a blanket can get added to the bed without making the child uncomfortable. SnugBug compression sheets are also usable with regular beddings. Further, the nylon spandex material makes SnugBug compression sheets easy to clean; it is machine washable.

3. Sweetzer and Orange

Sweetzer and Orange weighted blankets are explicitly designed for children. The blankets have several fun designs and colors, making them both aesthetically and functionally pleasing to children. Sweetzer and Orange weighted blankets come in various sizes and weights, making them appropriate for children of all ages. Further, they get made from soft cotton with a Minky dot fleece cover, appealing and soothing to children. It is no doubt, therefore, that Sweetzer and Orange make the best weighted blanket for kids. Additionally, the blanket is also machine washable.

4. ZonLi

ZoLi weighted blankets are widely regarded as the best value-for-money weighted blankets on the market. While ZonLi does not make weighted blankets specifically for children, the available various weighted blankets make it suitable for most children. The blanket’s interior comprises solid polyester and microfiber layers surrounding a layer of glass beads. The exterior is made from breathable cotton. The blanket’s design allows the blanket to spread evenly over a child’s body without making them uncomfortable. Further, the materials make ZoLi weighted blankets easy to wash since they can get machine washed.

5. DensityComfort

DensityComfort weighted blankets are non-toxic and hypoallergenic, thanks to a design incorporating certified cotton and odorless glass beads, which get sewn into individual compartments. DensityComfort blankets come in two weights, 5 lbs, and 10 lbs. However, due to the composition of the blanket, it is not machine washable. The blankets should only get hand washed or air-dried.



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