5 Biggest Food Delivery Risks When Ordering from Restaurants

When you’re ordering food from a delivery service, there are some things to be concerned about. What if you order and don’t get what you ordered specifically? Or even worse, can you order something and it end up being contaminated due to the shipping process? What about your privacy and personal data? What if your product was tampered with? Or how about whether the food you ordered was delivered with the same quality as promised? All of these questions come to mind and can easily be answered in this article.

Keep in mind, you are ordering online when you order from a food delivery service, so you need to remain protected and anonymous. If you’re a restaurant owner wanting to opt-in to these new delivery methods, read ahead to better inform you for preparation. These are issues that may arise with some services, but you can rest assured when ordering food delivery with Waitrapp.

My Personal Information

Back in the day, when you wanted to order with a delivery service, you simply ordered and then a delivery driver that was hired by the restaurant (which still exists for some restaurants) would deliver your food. You either paid with cash when the delivery driver came, or you provided a credit or debit card by phone.

Today, it’s not so different, but most of your personal information with cellular technology is often transferred to the restaurant, then stored on devices, and in other systems. This can cause a security breach when it comes to a hacker hacking your customers’ information. If you are a restaurant owner, you could be at risk for a large amount of legal issues that could ensue because of your lack of protecting customer data. With cyber crime on the rise, you need to do everything you can to make your website and your data systems extremely secure. Not only this, but the more third-party delivery applications you may use, the more apt to have a security breach you may have.

Is the Food Safe?

When you’re delivering food, you need to make sure that there are safety regulations in place with delivery, just as there are with prepping, and cooking the food for customers. The same rules should be in place for delivery as there are in-restaurant. Many of these are health and safety regulations. You need to make sure that if you’re delivering hot food, that it will stay hot until it reaches the customer (above 165 degrees to ensure no bacteria growth). If it’s cold food, you need to ensure that the food stays below 40 degrees but above 32 to avoid freezing and bacteria to contaminate your product. Even if a third party delivers food, you need to make sure that they are handling the food properly to ensure that there is no cross contamination taking place as well.

Can it be Tampered With?

You might want to opt into getting some sort of protective containers that cannot be tampered with. This doesn’t mean it can’t happen between your door and the customer, but the chances will be greatly reduced because nobody wants to waste time messing with things that are difficult.

Food Quality

Making sure your food is the best quality even when delivering (by look, taste, and texture) are still just as important as when you’re handing out food at your restaurant. The quality of food is very important as it makes or breaks your business. A perfect example of this is Pizza Hut and how it capitalized much on food quality and eventually, was included in the list of the 200 Most Influential Brands in the World.

Driver Problems

Make sure that you realize the risks of having drivers, carriers, and more. Make sure you protect yourself from your driver’s mistakes if they have their own vehicle (or make sure they’re covered by your insurance). Other than this, you have risks like crime, theft, and personal injury to worry about. Make sure you have plenty of safety training in place to protect your deliverer.