5 brilliant ideas for free entertainment

In this extremely complex historical phase, in which people are gradually rediscovering their freedoms and passions, finding new forms of entertainment could add an extra flavour to every day, improving the mood and making people feel more and more at ease, focused on the intensity of the present moment. If this fun is free, even better. All around us there are plenty of opportunities to have fun for free, without spending a penny, but most of the time we are not aware of it, or do not even realise it. As people walk around the city with their heads down, eyes fixed on their mobile phones, they risk missing out on many entertainment opportunities that are right in front of them, within reach.

Start in the kitchen

Nowadays, you don’t even have to leave the house to have fun for free. A first method of spending time pleasantly without spending money is extremely creative: go to the kitchen, open the fridge and see what’s inside. With the ingredients you have at your disposal, try to come up with some convenient dishes to prepare for yourself, for a friend you want to invite to dinner, or for someone special. You can also search for a recipe by simply entering the ingredients you have available into a search engine and then follow it to the letter and in an extremely meticulous manner. Cooking is an extremely liberating activity, which helps people to spend their time in a concentrated, mindful way, with the possibility to unleash all their creativity and to create a delicious snack prepared with the food left in the fridge.

A plunge into mystery

For those who like to have fun in the open air, we suggest a walk around the corners of your city that you have never seen, or that you have only been to by chance, without paying too much attention. Any city, even the one you were born and raised in, is bound to have alleyways or hidden spots you’ve never set foot in. In order to discover them, we suggest that you think carefully (perhaps in front of a map) about all those parts of the city that you have rarely visited, or that you do not know at all. Your walk through the unknown parts of the city will start from there: as you wander through these streets, you will have the impression that you are looking at a familiar landscape from a different perspective that you have never experienced before. If you manage to discover a totally unknown place, you will experience the thrill of being in your own city and exploring a completely unknown location. You will discover shops you did not know about, privileged viewpoints, or even just a green corner you did not know existed.

Another way to have fun in a healthy way, without spending a penny, is through board games such as Risk, all those games you can play in the company of friends, family or loved ones. This solution does not require any kind of effort, no displacement, and can be tried at any time of day. The use of board games can be a good pretext for inviting to your home some friends you haven’t seen in a long time, or even two or three particularly close friends with whom you can spend a few quiet hours of fun and relaxation. Games, whatever they are, are a really good way to have fun for free, and offer everyone the opportunity to enter a real parallel dimension where there is only room for adrenaline, pleasure and the joy of playing.

Many free games can also easily be found on your mobile phone: whether you have an Android or iOS operating system, the platforms from which apps are downloaded are extremely rich in free, high-quality games that can be downloaded in seconds to any device. It’s also great fun to select from the free games that inspire you the most, downloading two or three (or more) and trying them out later. Free fun can also be found within the online platforms dedicated to free slots and casino games, which offer extremely accurate guides full of tips for any type of player. Through the reviews of the best games on the web, carefully selected according to strict criteria of reliability, the player is led through a unique gaming experience, able to project him into a dimension of pure fun. There are thousands of games on offer, so every player will find the experience that best suits their needs.

You don’t have to pay to enjoy yourself. With a little bit of imagination, everyone can find a way to have fun without spending a penny, and just indulge in the pleasure of having fun without thinking about anything else.