5 Brilliant Tips to Keep Your Engagement on a Budget


Engagement season is in line, while the pandemic has already spoiled plan of your dream engagement, there is no way you have to back-out from the plan to get engaged. While there are multiple ways to tie the knot and start a new chapter of your life – It is important to keep your finance in checked due to cloud uncertainties hovering around. To help you plan, execute, and accomplish a fantastic event. Here are some tips to keep your engagement on a budget.

Let us help to trim down your expenses a little and yet have a fantastic engagement eclectic experience without compromise.  

1. Choose a Local Locale

The venue is a huge money-gulping gargoyle so eliminate the five-star venue or exotic locale and go for your own backyard or relative’s farmhouse or club banquet hall. It is an engagement event so let the venue be somewhat familiar, such as a family locale. A well-decorated venue in your backyard is more traditional and gives out a very warm, affectionate, and homely vibe.

2.  Plan for a Dual Date

Discuss with your spouse and parents and convince them of clubbing the occasion of both families into one date and sharing the expenses between the two families. Engagement is an event for bonding so does not let the two families out with each other by hosting a more glamorous event. Indian parents have a tendency to outshine each other in spending lavishly on wedding arrangements. So, a dual date is the best way to reduce the expenses to half, however angry it may make your parents.

3.  Opt for a Budget Boutique

Your engagement outfit nearly eats up a bank of your expenses so opt for budget wear. You will surely have an uncle or an aunt who has secretly kept aside his or her wedding outfit just to give it to you as a family heirloom or as a token of love. Just grab it and parrot it with a new outfit because it is ethnic, gorgeous, and simply exquisite. 

Choose from several hundred types of cheap engagement rings with colorful sapphires, emeralds, and stone settings that have the same look as luxurious rings.

4.  A Royal Feast is always Memorable

Go for a typical traditional spread instead of sumptuous feast. There is no harm in bidding adieu to continental and Chinese dishes because the traditional tastes are equally praised by guests. Reduce the number of starters but do not be a miser and reduce the amount of each dish because they charge you on the number of dishes and not on the quantity of each dish. You can completely do away with drinks for that day or restrict the amount to one welcome drink per person.

5.  Family Favors and Blessings are Vital

When an engagement is a family affair where both families are present, then why not take some favors from them? 

No needs to book tattoo designers and photographers because you will surely have a few specialists for each job in your family itself. They are all eager to do their part just waiting for a nod from you. In fact, for such family favors, you do not have to pay in cash – for example, for tattoo artist a subscription box will do. Even if you have to pay the DJ and the photographer it is one-third of what professionals will charge.  You can even be provide options like an exciting new online casino as well.

On an Ending Note

Limiting your budget needs strict discipline and some conscious decisions. Little research work will help you to save some money. Check for discounts on the diamond or the stone itself. Use the credit line available to you that you always repay later.

Go for a moissanite rings because a pink or coral stone is now in vogue and comes at a much cheaper rate. If a diamond is beyond your budget then go for emeralds and sapphires. Colored stones are more budget-friendly and today’s working women prefer stones more.  

Go ahead and do some research but be sure to just curb your expenses and not your happiness and memories.

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