5 Cat Habits You Must Know About


Someone asked a married man, which is the most difficult thing in the world to understand. Expecting that the man will say “my wife” he got dazzled when he said “my cat”.  Cats are full of puzzles and understanding them is like finding some hidden treasure. The reason for it is because cats are naturally indifferent to emotions and they act same, whether they are sad or happy. You can also visit Cats & Friends to know more about these chocolate point siamese cats.

Cats are Aloof

Cats are independent and emotionally tough creatures. They don’t tend to express their feelings openly. You have to judge them from more than one perspective, co you can draw a conclusion about their feelings.

Understanding your cats’ individual behavior can take years of practice and observation. However, in general there are some habits that may largely indicate you about your cats’ mood.

Human-cat relationship is a lifetime commitment. Understanding your cats’ behavior is an important for their wellbeing. Suppose if your cat is meowing loudly, it may indicate that the cat is feeling lonely or it is in pain.

If cats were on internet, they certainly would have posted these 5 things, their human owners must know about them.

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The Litter Box Should be Clean: Your cats litter box holds an important elements in cats’ life. It should be clean as possible and washed daily. As told cats keep to themselves most of the time, so the litter box must be kept rather in a private place. You can follow this link https://americancat.net/litter-box-for-messy-cats/ to find great litter boxes if there are multiple cats in the house, than every cat should have its own litter box, to literally prevent a cat fight.

Cats Purr Do not Always Indicate Happiness: We often associate cats purring with happiness. Very often this is not the case. Sometimes cat purr when they are hurt or longing for someone. You need to monitor the cat closely so you can determine the root cause of the problem.

Cats Love Preying: Cats are naturally intelligent animals that love to prey. No matter how much you train them you can’t take away their natural hunting instincts. So if you expect that cats only love to play with balls or catnips you might be wrong. It might bore them. Get some interactive toys for your cats that makes it feel more interactive.

Cats Nap is important: Cat sleeping is an essential factor in cats’ life. Cats love to sleep and feel cozy. It is estimated that cats sleep for about 12-16 hours every day which may increase as they grow up. Cats normally sleep with their owners and tend to paw in the air quite similar as humans tend to sleep walk, but they will always be at your bedside forcing you to wake early in the morning.

Scratching Is Important: Cats are intrinsically active and tend to practice the wild traditions of their ancestors.  In this regard cats tend to stretch, scratch, clean and sharpen their claws so they are ready for the hunt. If not provided with proper tools for scratching, your house furniture is already in their hands.

Anyways Cats are Complex

Cats are from another planet, understanding them is out of human reach. The best approximate you have is to get know how of cat habits in general.

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