5 Commerical Wallpaper Designs That Inspire Learning in Children’s Schools

There are a host of factors, specifically regarding an educational environment, that contribute to a child’s success in learning. Ensuring there is plenty of natural light, stimulating colors, and functional yet interesting furniture pieces like desks and chairs, are all important parameters for designing a healthy learning environment. One of the easiest ways to update a children’s learning environment and add a pop of color is with a commercial wallpaper.

Gone are the days of settling for the old-convention of boring, glass fiber-based wallcoverings; new non-woven vinyl-coated wallpapers are making a big comeback. These new materials also allow for designers to get creative with color and pattern while exceeding requirements for safety, robustness, and the ability to clean.

Given the high foot traffic and the strict safety protocols that children’s schools adhere to, a Type II wallpaper should be the bare minimum commercial wallcovering that interior designers, contractors and architects should be looking to install. Hong Kong is a bustling city with an international population. With so many international students, it’s important to know where to find international school in hong kong. The Type II distinction for commercial wallpapers follows stricter guidelines in regards to fire and chemical safety regulations while also generally being thicker and easier to clean. Combined with a non-woven style backing and a vinyl top layer, these designs make them the perfect candidate for even the busiest of classrooms.

Taking all of this into consideration, the optimal product would be to make sure the completed space promotes creativity and makes children excited to learn while feeling comfortable and safe in their classroom. Below we’ve highlighted some of the 4 best commercial wallpaper designs that would make any classroom a joy learn in.

Helena by Seabrook

The Helena commercial wallcovering from Seabrook is the perfect way to liven up a classroom. Intricate sets of geometric lines outlining hexagonal shapes provide an intriguing amount of ‘busy’ while maintaining a sense of comfort with natural tones of cream, white, taupe, green and blue. Coupled with its Type II designation and Class A ASTM-E-84 fire rating, the non-woven backed Helena commercial wallpaper stimulates the imagination while providing up to code levels of quality and safety.

Republic of II by IV by Koroseal

The Republic of II by IV collection of commercial wallcoverings are the perfect expression of creativity. Founded by Canadian designers Dan Menchions and Keith Rushbrook in 1990, they found inspiration in both their travels and architecture, fashion, theatre, culture and nature. Featuring a number of different color stories and patterns, any commercial wallpapers by this design duo would feel perfectly at home in a classroom full of bright young minds.

Sandscape by Koroseal

Looking to add some texture and lightness to your next classroom project? Sandscape by Seabrook brings the essence of the beach to the classroom with a stimulating selection of colors from black and cream to green and blue; perfect for creating a joyous environment for learning. With specifications like Type II certification, non-woven backings, and a Class A fire rating, you won’t have to worry about any issues with cleaning or safety for your clients.

Walltalkers by Koroseal

Change things up by bringing the traditional classroom whiteboard to non-traditional places, like the classroom wall! Walltalkers come in a number of different varieties simulating different writing surfaces like lined paper, graph paper and completely blank canvases. Durable and easy to clean, these types of whiteboard enabled surfaces can unlock creativity in both classroom teachers and students alike to enhance their learning environment.

Rake by Clodagh for Koroseal

This Type II commercial wallpaper design by Clodagh for Koroseal features a blue-green ocean like background with a series of ‘rake’ lines to create a woven textured appearance. Although woven in appearance, the design is backed by a non-woven material which allows for greater robustness and breathability over a paper-backed wallpaper. Along with its Class A fire rating, the Rake collection from Koroseal is an ideal choice for any children’s educational setting.

With the ability to protect learning facilities and the children learning in their classrooms, Type II commercial wallcoverings are clearly the best choice for these commercial environments. Add in the infinite number of design options available, there are almost no limitations to the inspirational classrooms that could be created.