5 Common House Pets And How To Take Care Of Them


Owning pets is a great idea; they can be your friend and companion. You’ll have something to look forward to when coming home (aside from your family, of course). While opting for having pets, Can I keep millipedes with dart frogs is a difficult question to answer but do your research properly before raising them!

However, having a pet entails having significant responsibilities, too. They’re not just toys that are cute to look at, but they require serious care and attention as well.

Which Pet Suits Your Home?

If you’re planning to give your home an added spark of life, you could try bringing home any common house pet that’s relatively easy enough to nurture from a young age.

Here are the usual options to consider and tips on how to care for them:

1. Cats

A cat is a great pet to have in your home. They don’t usually create noise and mess. Sometimes, though, cats have this reputation of not being entirely friendly and tend to scratch if you attempt to approach them. It does happen, but it’s a rare scenario. Generally, cats merely tend to scratch a lot. But they can be friendly and cuddly, too, as long as you provide them with the utmost love they need.

Owning cats are encouraged by sites like Petsumer since they’re extremely easy to keep. Cats are low maintenance pets since they don’t require heavy grooming sessions, which is great for owners with busy schedules. In terms of their diet, cats are carnivorous, so you should only feed them meat. You can opt to purchase premium cat food to help improve their health and coat.

2. Dogs

Of course, the most common house pet that everyone loves is a dog. Domesticated dog breeds are a great companion as they’re usually jolly, playful, and fun to be around. Dogs are loyal to their humans and would get too excited once you come home from work. It’ll be a real mood booster once you opened the door, tired from work, and you see your dog running happily toward you to lick your face.

Note, however, that dogs might require different maintenance methods depending on their breed. Some pets have furry and fluffy coats that require frequent grooming at least once a month. Grooming includes regular hair brushing to keep their coats healthy and shiny.

When it comes to their diets, dogs are generally omnivorous, meaning they eat fruits and vegetables, though they still need their meat. Give them balanced healthy food items as much as possible to help them live longer. Along with this, you should also teach your dog new tricks as they enjoy learning and bonding with you.

3. Fish

A typical house pet that parents give to children who aren’t ready for significant responsibilities is fish. A fish is a straightforward pet to have. They’re inside their aquarium most of their life, where they swim back and forth. They don’t create noise or make a mess in your homes, making them a great house pet.

Since fishes are low maintenance, all you have to do is feed them regularly with their fish food and clean their tank at least once a week. To make your fish happier in their tanks, you should try to at least decorate it with aquarium accessories such as a pirate ship, corals, pebbles, and other great-looking finds. Adding decorations to your aquarium will make them feel better while inside the tank, and it could also be a great décor for your home.

woman with his Golden Labradoodle dog reading at home

4. Birds

Taking care of birds can be quite tricky, especially if you’re afraid that they’ll escape from their cages. But aside from that, they’re intelligent animals that could be taught tricks. However, they might not be as cuddly as the four-legged fur babies. Still, you can place your house birds in an area in your home where they’ll have a good atmosphere while serving as a nice home accessory, too.

Birds are effortless to care for as they only require regular feeding and cage cleaning. It’ll be a great house pet, most especially if you love to hear the sound of chirping.

5. Rabbits

A typical house pet for kids is rabbits. They’re usually playful and fun to have around. They don’t tend to bite compared to smaller house pets, too. Taking care of them can be extremely easy as you’ll only need to feed them regularly and clean after them. Keeping them occupied would make them happy as they’re extremely energetic and intelligent animals.


Taking care of a pet requires significant responsibilities, so be prepared. Aside from feeding and cleaning after them, you should have them regularly checked by a veterinarian to ensure that they’re in a healthy condition to help them live longer.  There are lots of little details to learn about the revered mosaic axolotl as well, as covered in this article.

Never forget to give your pets the attention and love they need—for you are their whole world.

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