5-Companies Hiring Remote Medical Scribes Now


Covid a fatal and dangerous disease has carried a revolution in our lives and has modified our attitudes in every aspect of life. There was a time when companies don’t like to hire remote developers for their projects and were interested in an inhouse team of professionals but recently things have changed completely due to covid and organizations are willing to hire remote software developers and freelance software developers as they do not agree to stop work in severe situations. Remote jobs worldwide have converted them into mature organizations which prefer companies’ interests according to circumstances. At present owners are employing remote developers in all departments such as IT, education, medical, etc. Currently, remote IT jobs are familiar to all of us in which remote IT experts are working remotely. Similarly, medical scribes are also working while sitting at home.

Who are medical scribes?

They are regarded as helpers of physicians who are properly trained and work with them in maintaining patients’ records and medical history quickly. Patients’ record comprises medical history, lab tests, remarks of previous doctors, etc. This position has attractive to all those who are interested in the medical field.

5 companies hiring remote medical scribes now

A great number of companies have been established to employ remote medical scribes. Few are elaborated on below.

1. Pro-Scribe

It is the largest scribe company in the USA across 30 states and is operating from its headquarters. It was founded in 2010 to hire scribes in the medical field to get proper results. It is a healthcare company that is busy hiring scribes for supporting doctors. Here you can gain chances for making your career proud. This company always remains in search of dedicated remote scribes who are trained in work. It has a flexible contract with workers. Training programs are arranged here which are helpful in career. Medical scribes are attracted to it as it gives chances to continue studies. It trains scribes to face and fulfill all current requirements.

2. Scribe America

It appoints remote medical scribes and then provides them to such places where they are needed by doctors. It is a private company, has been working in this field for 20 years, and is considered the largest company. Its medical scribes are assisting doctors in almost 500 sites. Its team trains all employed scribes through high-quality programs. It is a good place for beginning a career as a scribe but unluckily payscale here is low and medical scribes don’t stay for a long time. Still, it is an excellent place to gain experience and practice.

3. Scribe Kick

It recruits medical scribes and delivers opportunities for success as a professional in this field. It organizes paid training assignments for becoming experts in this field and for progressing. The company is capable to know about your style through these programs and decides where you can fit. Continuing education programs for getting knowledge are arranged here. Good typing speed and command in computer skills are required here as medical scribes enter data, and records into the computer. All hiring is done on merit and qualifications.

4. Scribe-X

It is a local company that employs and provides scribes in many states as per needs. Its team assists and does all necessary things to aid scribes in making careers. It is a good place for achieving experience and also its working hours are flexible. That’s good, especially for students but the pay is not good here. Training programs remain for 4-6 days and are paid. The average medical scribe’s hourly pay in America is $13.89 but scribes indeed have more chances for growth.

5. Clinical Scribe LLC

It is not a big company but its dedicated team, and management style make it different from others. It is a platform where scribes get good experience while working and management is also very responsive. It creates an atmosphere where others’ opinions are respected. Here training programs remain for 5-10 days under the leadership of the medical director. The average hourly pay in America is $ 15.04 which is reasonable pay for scribes.

In a nutshell, Medical scribes can be hired by companies to assist doctors and to make them relaxed.

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