5 Cost-Saving Tips for Renovating on a Tight Budget


There’s good news. Refurbishing your own house or flat can be fun and satisfying. It’s all about creating a functional, yet unique and personal space. That is, as long as it stays within a designated budget. In this article, you will find tips on how to reduce the refurbishment cost of your project with the maximum gain.

Manage Your Own Project

Hiring an external constructor to do everything for you is the most convenient option, but not on a budget. Save up on managing your constructors, materials, and time for labour. Contact your constructors, prepare the house for their work, contact the supplier independently, drive, and buy all the supplies. Don’t forget about making space for it in your calendar. When you take up this role, you are in control of all the expenses on materials and labour and can limit the extension of renovation in time.

Do Your Research on Prices

Finding great bargains is possible. The only downside is the time it takes. It’s far easier to drive to the closest store and buy everything you need at a given price. Instead, do your research online, wait for a better time, check the smaller suppliers and negotiate. Finally, drive and collect all the materials. Your savings will double. First, on materials. Second, on the labour – your constructors start work when everything is ready.

Invest in Technologies that Save Money in the Long-Term

Investing in technologies that save money is often overlooked, because indeed it may be initially more-costly. However, sometimes saving is a financial trap. If you save up on winter shoes, you are likely to buy new ones every season, and it won’t be economical in the end. The same goes for housing, investing in the crucial areas when it comes to saving energy. Consider good quality insulation that will reduce your heating bills. Invest in LED lighting, to cut electricity costs. Put a rainwater tank in your garden, if you plan to water the lawn or plants. Another possibility is to look around for solar panel grants and make your home more sustainable.


No matter your abilities, you will find something that you can do on your own. It does not have to mean to lay the tiles in the bathroom or do the electric work. Varnishing the tables and chairs may be an easy enough task. Repainting the walls, adding wallpaper or customized patterns is another great DIY project. There’s plenty of inspiration online.

Combine High-End and Standard Features

Refurbishing a house or a flat is all about the final look. It matters. No one wants it to look cheap and somehow amateurish. The way to add more lustre to the interior is by combining high-end elements with functional and standard ones. You may invest in shining fixtures or chic decorations, and stick to one-colour and simple furniture. Alternatively, you can invest in one piece of extraordinary furniture to capture everyone’s attention, while the ceiling pendant is rather dull.


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