5 Crazy Energetic Student Activities for the Classroom

Children are busy people. School can be challenging for kids because they need to sit still for long times. They get tired and become fidgety. Usually, there is no time for physical stimulation. Sometimes students are thinking, “who will write my essay?”

The main point of this article is to give you five activities that are energizing when your students start to lose interest, because it can keep them from thinking “I need to write my essay” and stay focused.

These activities are also called brain breaks for the Classroom. The activities will help students relax and take an interactive break. These are short, quick games you can play in the Classroom. They will help clear your student’s minds and motivate them to stay focused for the following hour.

When should you play an energizer game?

At some times of the day, we ask ourselves why our students aren’t listening anymore. They start talking and lose focus on the lesson. There are multiple reasons students lose interest.

  • It’s almost time to go home
  • They are ready for the weekend
  • After recess, the students are tired
  • Monday mornings are hard
  • The lesson is boring
  • They can’t see how a lesson is relevant
  • You’ve been talking and not interacting
  • They didn’t get a good nights rest
  • Your Classroom isn’t a good temperature

There are many more reasons. But, if you see your students feeling bored, you can give them an energizing brain break. If you make it fun, they will focus again!

These activities aren’t just fun for students, but teachers will like them too. We recommend starting your day with one of these activities. It will make your day much easier, and the kids will be ready to work.

“Cocka” and “doodle.”

“Cocka” and “doodle” is best for younger students. Ask everyone to pretend that they are chickens. One chicken is named “cocka,” and the other one is called “doodle.” Tell them when you say “cocka,” they need to stand on their tiptoes and flap their wings like a chicken. When you yell “doodle,” they need to stand still and not move.

If a student moves when you say “doodle,” they are disqualified from the game. If a student is out, they can distract other chickens and cause them to be out of the game.

Honk-Honk Math

This game is best for kids who already know multiplication. It’s a lot of fun and always gets student’s attention.

Ask your students to stand up and make a circle. Everyone takes turns saying a number. We start with one and continue until everyone is out. That is the easy part because each student has to say the number that follows the previous. The catch is that when a student hears a number that contains or is a multiple of 4, they say “honk-honk.”

It goes like this: 1-2-3- honkhonk -5-6-7-honkhonk -10-11-honkhonk-13-honkhonk-15-honkhonk.

You can swap it up and choose any number you want. It might also be nice to replace the number with ones more relevant to your studies. The game is excellent when teaching multiplication tables. You can also teach students how to multitask using this game.

Purple nose

The teacher says a body part and color of something in the Classroom. Students need to quickly find something of that color, touch it, then touch the body part the teacher has said. For example, if the teacher says “yellow elbow,” the students need to touch something yellow and their elbow at the same time.

You can make this game more fun by telling the students that the last person to touch the body part and the color needs to sit out. You can then continue until all the students are out!

Are you lying to me?

This is a great activity to use on the first day back to school. When you play this, you learn a lot about your students. You learn more than the basics, like where they live or if they have a sibling. You can learn real stories about their lives and test their storytelling abilities. The game can really help with writing later in the year.

The students have to tell two truths about their life and one lie. They should say them in any order that they want. When students think someone is lying, they need to jump and say,” are you lying to me?” If the student guesses correctly, they must sit down.

Don’t touch the lava!

The younger kids love this game, and it is a great way to raise classroom morale. You need to put the student’s chairs in a row. Then they need to stand on them. The teacher should tell them what order to stand-in. Then the teacher tells them they need to line up from tallest to shortest. It sounds easy, but there is a twist!

The students cannot touch the floor! In this game, the floor becomes lava, so if students touch it, the whole Classroom loses. This game is great on days when your students are bored or unfocused. You can swap up what you say to the students and give each a letter of the alphabet too. Then their task is to line up in ABC order without touching the lava.

This game is perfect for helping your students get to know each other better. Students need to work together to win. It teaches the students teamwork and collaborative skills. These are essential skills that students do not always have. So, teaching them is crucial for real-world success.

Activities that teach us teamwork

Team building is an important skill that students need to develop. Unfortunately, many teachers are not able to teach this effectively while keeping students engaged. The games that we have mentioned can do all of the above. Make sure that you use these activities for those long, dull days.

Not only will your students be engaged and wanting to learn more from you, but the administrators will also see that they are having fun. Learning should be both fun and engaging. Remember, students get bored with lessons for two reasons:

  1. The content is not challenging for them.
  2. They aren’t motivated by what you are teaching.

When students are not engaged, they do worse on exams. Students see when teachers aren’t trying their best to keep them engaged. Boredom is when the teacher doesn’t give meaningful tasks that keep students working hard. It has vast effects on your teaching.

So, don’t let your students be so bored! Use these fun activities. Your students will love them, and they have many benefits. You can quickly learn more about your students while making sure they do better on their exams. You can even add your twist if you want. Indeed you can find a way to make these games better.

Also, who doesn’t want to be the fun, incredible teacher? If you use any of these activities, you will surely be the teacher all the kids want to have. When this happens, your school will notice. It will make your job easier. When your job is more manageable, you get more results. More results mean that you can rest easy.

Your job will be safe when you have fun. It keeps everyone happy and your job secure.