5 Creative Enhancement Ideas to Bring Your Style to the Next Level

Fashion trends come and go, and while everyone wants to look nice as they step out to face the day, keeping up with the crazes can be both time consuming and expensive. Nevertheless, with a little bit of creativity, you can refresh your wardrobe without compromising on your individuality or creating a hole in your wallet. Today we bring you five creative enhancement ideas you can incorporate today to bring your style to the next level.

1. Create Your Own Unique Custom Prints

Statement tees is a fashion concept that never goes out of style, but the designs on the market may not appeal to everyone. They can be repetitive, or even irrelevant to some, especially those with tastes other than the mainstream. This is why many people prefer to design their own prints instead. This is especially common in Australia for example, and if you have a look at how custom t shirts in Australia are made, you’ll know how easy and exciting making your own custom made designs can be. Specialists like these will help you create your own unique fashion pieces, so you don’t have to miss out on the fun of sporting a cool t-shirt or tote bag that represents you.

2. Turn Your Old T-Shirts into New Tops

Have a t-shirt with a hole in it? Not a problem anymore! T-shirts with cuts and holes are actually a stylish thing now, so take your handiest pair of scissors and give your old T-shirt a brand new identity. Add holes and shreds, or cut off the sleeves to make a tank top, or even cut through the bottom and create a crop top. It’s simple way to and add a bunch of trendy styles to your closet without having to pay for new items.

3 Add Some Beads

Your plain button down shirt can look all new and fresh once you sew in some beads to the collar. You can even add them to the sleeves of a t-shirt, or the hem of a plain skirt, giving old faves a new flare. Beads are affordable, extremely fun to work with, and can easily give any item a chic twist.

4. Go Punk with Safety Pins

The classic safety-pin can give the plainest jacket a rocking, edgy vibe. For an immediate punk twist, simply secure a bunch of safety pins down the sleeves of your jacket, or on the collar. If you want to go for a simpler accessory, simply attach one pin on top of a button, or somewhere along the zipper. It’s an easy, cheap trick to try, change, and have fun with.

5. Give Your Old CDs a New Purpose

Everyone has some old CDs laying around from back in the day – they may no longer work, or you may have nothing to play them on. The unique colorful, reflective surface of CDs can be a great accessory to decorate your outfits, just like you would with sequins and embroidery stones. Simply cut up a CD into random geometric shapes, and use superglue to secure it to your shirt collar. This can add a modern metallic twist to an outfit to enjoy when you’re out on the town.

Use Your Imagination

Refreshing your wardrobe while maintaining a unique sense of style and taste, and without spending too much on new items is totally doable. Try the ideas we shared with you in this article, get creative, and let your imagination take over. That way you can enjoy some brand new items and fashion statement pieces in no time, and with almost no cost at all.