5-Day Workout Routine For Women to Get Toned And Strong


Women tend to store more fat and lose weight less quickly than men. It seems unfair, but the hormones in a woman’s body are likely the cause for this difference, though nothing is clear.

But this doesn’t mean that all news is bad. Though women initially lose less weight than men. After a while, they start losing equal weight if they are following a diet and workout regime that matches. So, do not lose hope. If you are a woman looking to lose weight or tone your body and feel stronger, you need to start working out at least five times a week. You also do not need to go to a gym or join an aerobics class to lose weight. You can start working out at home. Buy a few essential gym equipment online and get to work now. Not sure what workout regime to follow? Here we are sharing two five-day workout regimes for you. Go with the one that feels natural, and you are confident that you can be consistent in it.


No matter what form of workout you are doing, a warm-up is necessary. Before yoga, cardio, Zumba dance exercise, or weight-lifting, warming-up is necessary as it helps your body gain flexibility and mobility, reducing the chance of injury. Warm-up is all about waking up your body parts and stretching them, ensuring that your muscles do not rip. Here is the best warm-up routine for you to try.


Start your week with a strenuous exercise for your arms and chest. Women accumulate a massive amount of fat in their arms, which can decrease confidence in young ladies. So, here are few exercises that can help you tone and strengthen your arms and chest.

  • Flat bench dumbbell press: It tones your shoulder and arms. Buy dumbbells online and sit on a bench. Now hold onto dumbbells, start with minimal weight and then increase it gradually. Start with three sets with five repetitions and then increase it gradually.
  • Push-ups: An excellent form of exercise that can tone your arms and shoulder. Make sure that your form is perfect if you want any benefits from this.
  • Other exercises: Tricep dips, cable crossovers, and lateral raise.


On the second day of the week, focus on your legs and hips. Legs, especially thighs and hips, are another point where some women can accumulate fat. Here are the exercises to try for weight loss in the legs.

  • Barbell squats: You can perform squats without equipment too. But with a barbell, the pressure on hips and thighs is higher. A set of 4 with 8 repetitions is perfect for beginners.
  • Lunges: There are many variations of lunges that you can perform comfortably. Start by doing four sets of each with four repetitions. Try to get in two variations of lunges for the best results.
  • Other exercises: Military press, frog jump, and step-ups.


On this day, you will sweat it out with cardio exercise. A cardio circuit will increase your heart-beat and will fill you with adrenaline. A must for all body types looking to get in shape.

There are many HIIT or cardio exercise videos on YouTube that you can take help from. Here are a few exercises you must include in your cardio circuit.

  • Burpees: A set of 5 with 5 repetitions will pump you up.
  • Plank: It helps you lose weight from every part of your body. Do at least two planks and hold the position for 3-minutes.
  • Other exercises are Push-ups, crunches, running or treadmill walking, and a squat thrust.


It is the day to build up your strength and muscles. Strength training helps you tone your muscles and strengthen your body against various diseases. Here are exercises to perform for strength training- deadlifts, flat bench barbell press, barbell snatch, and 5 minutes on a stationary bike.


The last of the week, we are focusing again on legs.

  • Lunges: Follow the same set routine of lunges that you followed Tuesday.
  • Calf raises (standing or seated)
  • Other exercises to follow Barbell squats, hamstring curls, and leg extensions.

Give your body a break on Saturday-Sunday to repair and heal. Do go for running or swimming on the weekend to keep your fitness regime on track. Lastly, weight loss or getting toned will happen when you follow a well-balanced diet too.




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