5 Dessert Ideas to Add to Your Restaurant Menu


As a restaurant manager, you know that desserts are not only a delicious finish to any meal but also a great way to increase your average check size. Most people will order dessert after a satisfying meal, so it’s important to have the right products on your menu. 

To help you get started, here are five dessert ideas for restaurants that will help to increase your bottom line. From dried blueberries to honey-flavored ice cream and homemade brownies, these recipes will be sure to please even the pickiest of customers.

1. Mini Pies

If you want to go with a classic dessert, mini pies are the perfect way to do it. While a full-sized pie is too much for most people, mini pies are a perfect size and easy to customize. In addition, they’re an easy grab-and-go option if customers don’t have time to sit down. 

You can choose from different types of pies depending on what flavors you want to offer. Some options include apple, cherry, custard, or pecan. You also can opt for a set of mixed selections, so you’re offering more than one flavor option.

2. Mixed Berry Mousse

This popular dessert comes with a lot of hype and a lot of hype. Many people think it’s a sweet dessert, but it also has a nice fresh fruit flavor. If you offer this, make sure that your product is fresh and made with a fresh ingredient list. 

You also want to avoid artificial sweeteners like aspartame or Acesulfame Potassium. In essence, you should make sure that your product has a good balance of fruit and milk. This way, you’ll get all the benefits of a healthy dessert and still get to sell it to your customers.

3. Classic Pecan Pie Bars

Bars are a quick way to serve your customers as they take less than 15 minutes to prepare. The great thing about bars is that they can also be made ahead of time and can be served warm. Many people love these because they come in different flavors and are easy to customize. 

As a restaurant manager, one of your responsibilities is to make sure that you provide customers with the best product. If you want to go with a classic dessert, the pecan bar is the perfect choice for your menu. You can offer nuts in a variety of forms, which includes nuts already mixed in bars as well as chopped nuts you add on top.

4. Mango and Coconut Soufflé

If you’re looking for a new way to add dessert to your menu, this is one of the top desserts to offer. This dessert combines a lot of flavors, which is great for those who want to try something different. At the same time, people enjoy the fresh fruit flavor of the mango and also the coconut. If you opt for this dessert, you can use fresh mangoes and not canned ones. Be sure to find out what people’s favorite mangoes are, so you can add those types to the menu.

5. Matcha Cake

If you want to add a fresh new dessert to your menu, this is a perfect choice. The matcha cake comes with a lot of healthy options. It’s also a very simple dessert that can be prepared in about 15 minutes. 

The ingredients for the matcha cake are only matcha green tea powder, vanilla extract, and butter. As an added bonus, the matcha is extremely calming for those who enjoy the benefits of a cup of tea. This gives your customers the opportunity to try something new while relaxing at the same time.

All of these desserts can add a lot of value to your menu, which means that your customers will be happier and give you more business. A happy customer is a returning customer.

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